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Adriaan - of Hadriyah
Adrianus - of Hadriya
Alphonse - noble
Andris - man, warrior
Arjan - from Hadriya
Ari - of Hadriya

Bartholomeus - son of Talmei
Bartel - son of Talmay
Bastiaan - from Sebeist (city in Asia Minor)
Budevin - supportive friend

Valentine - healthy, strong
Veit - ruler of the army
Willem - helmet
Harm - army man

Gastaaf - related to meditation
Herman is an army man
Giraard - spear, brave
Gird - spear, brave
Geert - spear, brave
Godfried - God's World

Daan - God is my judge
Daniel - God is my judge
Dederic - King of Nations
Dedric - King of Nations
Dedrich - King of Nations
Jaap - the displacer
Jacobus - the displacer
Jell - helmet
Jerben - bear spear
Jervaas - Servant of the Spear
Jerg - Farmer
Jerjen - the farmer
Jerlak - the game of the spear
Jeroen is the holy name
Gerolt - ruler of the spear
Jerriaan the Tiller
Jeff - the multiplier
Jijs - bright
Jijsbert is bright
Gillis is a child
Joep - multiplying
Joeri - Farmer
Joseph - the multiplier
Josua - God - Salvation
Jockham - established by god
Jordaan - flowing down
Joren the Farmer
Joris the Farmer
Jos - multiplying
Joop - God is kind
Jurd - flowing down
Juice - multiplying
Just - fair
Diederik - King of Nations
Didrich - King of Nations
Dick is the king of nations

Zef - multiplier
Zeodur - a gift from God
Zaunis - invaluable

Ignaas - ignorant
Inge is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Eve"

Karel is a man
Caspar - the bearer of treasures
Casper - the bearer of treasures
Kernils - horn
Dagger - King of Nations
Keys - horn
Claes - victory of the people
Kobe is a displacer
Kobus - displacer
Cohen is a bold advisor
Koenraad is a courageous advisor
Koenrad is a courageous advisor
Coert is a courageous advisor
Constantijn - steady
Cornelis - horn
Court is a bold advisor
Christian - follower of Christ
Xander - protector of humanity
Marten - from Mars
Kus - displacer

Lammert - Bright Land
Lieven - beloved, dear friend
Livin is a lover, dear friend
Lodewidge - famous warrior
Lawrence - from Laurentum
Lowy is a famous warrior
Ludger - stabbing people
Luuk - from Lucania

Maarten - from Mars
Maas is a twin
Michael - who is like god?
Marijn - from the sea
Martijn - from Mars
Matthews - a gift from God
Menno is strength
Mies - beloved son
Michiel - Who Is Like God?
Moritz - black, moor
Moses - born, son

Nikolaas - victory of the people
Nils - horn

Augustine - venerable

Pepijn - seed of fruit
Petrus - rock, stone
Pim - helmet
Pier - rock, stone
Pete - rock, stone
Peter - rock, stone
Povel - small

Radbud is a courageous advisor
Reinir is a wise warrior
Rembrandt - sword of wisdom
Rohyr - the famous spear
Rodolphe is a famous wolf
Roeland is a famous land
Roel is a famous land
Ruben the contemplator
Roosevelt - rose garden
Rutger - famous spear
Ruud - the famous wolf

Sander - Defender of Humanity
Sjaak - displacer
Sjef - multiplying
Sjors - Tiller
Sebastiaan - from Sebeist (a city in Asia Minor)
Sem - name, glory
Simen - the listener
Sis - horn
Dries - man, warrior
Staas - restoring
Staaf - related to meditation
Stephanus - crown
Stijn - venerable and resilient

Theunis is invaluable
Teed - King of Nations
Tijs - a gift from God

Walter is the ruler of the army

Faas - a sustainable meeting
Phil - lucky
Philip the horse lover
Philipus the horse lover
Floris - bloom
France - free
Freric is a peaceful ruler
Freak is a peaceful ruler
Frit - a peaceful ruler
Froud is wise

Hannes is a good god
Harbert is a bright army
Hein - home ruler
Hendrik - Home Ruler
Henk - home ruler
Henrik - House Ruler
Heald - battle
Hubertus - a bright heart
Hubrecht - a bright heart
Huib - Bright Heart
Huub - bright heart

Schuyler - protector, protecting

Euoud - Rightful Ruler
Euold - Rightful Ruler
Eyout - Rightful Ruler

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