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Meaning of the name

Edgar translated from ancient German means "owner".


As a child, Edgar loves to observe and analyze. He is developed beyond his years, studies perfectly well, obedient, flexible, wise in an adult way. Edgar usually has few friends - many simply do not understand him. Edgar is very talented.

Growing up, Edgar becomes more outgoing and makes many friends. Edgar is a creative person, but not bohemian. Edgar likes to dress modestly, but he always looks very stylish.

Edgar has a unique charm and damn charming, women love him, until a certain period in life, he reciprocates them all. However, having met his beloved woman, Edgar becomes her faithful husband for life.

Edgar can work as a composer, writer, director, actor. He has one idea that haunts him all his life - to change the world for the better. Many consider Edgar an incorrigible romantic, but his spirituality, wisdom and philanthropy do improve the world a little, at least part of it.


Edgar is very sexy. He is a sensual, gentle, romantic lover. The woman next to him feels like a queen. Edgar is surrounded by smart, spiritual, strong women with a rich inner world.

Edgar is looking for his ideal, so many of his mistresses quickly become friends. Edgar never puts his own interests above the interests of a woman. He always tries to make the gap as painful as possible for both. Usually they make good friends.

When Edgar finds his one and only, he devotes all of himself, his love, his creativity, his life, only to her. Edgar loves beautiful, sensual sex. Every little thing is important for him: a beautiful silk bed, pleasant music, lyric poetry, an exquisite dinner consisting of aphrodisiacs, candles.

Edgar is a great inventor in sex, he knows the "Kama Sutra" by heart. He likes to surprise and conquer his beloved.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Virgo.


The sound of the name Edgar gives the impression of something brave, loud, impetuous.

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