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Any traveler looking for new experiences on his trip will certainly pay attention to the local cuisine. It's time to tell you about the ten most delicious first courses.

Pho. Who said you can't eat beef noodle soup for breakfast? They don't think so in Vietnam. Anyone who tastes a really well-made pho soup will want to eat it every day. As a result, this liquid dish has actually become national. But it appeared relatively recently. Only about a hundred years ago, French colonialists introduced Vietnamese chefs to beef. Local chefs have learned how to cook meat according to their own recipes. Fish sauce, chili, rice noodles and many spices were added to the dish. They learned to cook such a soup in the north of the country, but a successful find spread quickly throughout Vietnam. Today it is believed that the most delicious "pho" is brewed in Hanoi. Here, tens of kilograms of beef are cut every morning, broth is boiled, and then Asian soup is poured directly into bowls for passers-by.

Locro de Papas. It can get very cold in high-mountain Ecuadorian villages, especially in the evening. There is no better way to keep warm than with the local hot potato soup "locro de papas". Europeans first tasted this dish back in the 1560s, the honor went to the Spanish conquistadors. The popularity of the soup has only increased since then, because much more people have learned about it. In a liquid dish, garlic and hot peppers give spice, and the rest of the filling is a surprise. Soup may contain not only beef or guinea pig meat, but avocado with cheese. But few people are able to refuse such a delicious dish, especially after climbing the high slopes of the Andes.

Borscht. Ukraine is one of the world leaders in beet growing. It is not surprising that in this fruitful country, a red and purple soup was born, boiled with this healthy vegetable. The recipe for cooking borscht is a lot. Every self-respecting Ukrainian woman has her own unique technique. Borscht is so fond of gourmets that it is cooked with pleasure in Russia, Poland, Lithuania. Even some airlines have included this dish on their menu. But the most delicious borscht is cooked in Ukraine. Here they say that you must eat it with garlic buns-donuts.

Obe Ata. The name of this African soup in translation sounds like lift me up. After all, this is not just a dish, but a real medicine. It is believed that such food is able to return to normal life those who suffer from meteosensitivity. But the uninitiated should try the soup carefully. Those who have to taste "both ata" for the first time will feel a real hell in a plate. And this will not happen because of the unpleasant taste. The fact is that the main component of this national dish is pepper. The other ingredients of the soup are the goat's head and dried fish. So those who want to touch the real taste of West Africa should try to eat at least half a plate of this unusual dish.

Waterzooi. This famous Flemish soup was learned to cook in Ghent for a long time. But in Belgium recently they began to deviate from their own traditions - now the soup is made from chicken. But according to the canons, fish must be used, certainly caught in city canals. Only now the water there became so dirty that the cooks simply had to start experimenting. Nevertheless, there is still a chance to try "waterzui" in its original form, with perch, pike or carp. You just have to walk through the narrow medieval streets of the Patershol quarter in search of a suitable tavern. It is there that this delicious soup will be served, adding cream, vegetables and egg yolks to it. Along with this dish, you should also order some local beer, because more than 400 varieties of it are brewed in Belgium.

Cullen Skink. This Scottish soup has very simple ingredients. Chopped smoked and salted piccha, selected village potatoes, cream and onions are all good for him. It was from such a set in the small village of Cullen that their "Cullen skin" was first brewed. For soup, fish is first boiled in milk, and then potatoes and other ingredients are added there. At the same time, the villagers sometimes do not skimp on the amount of potatoes, because the soup should turn out to be hearty, sometimes replacing a whole lunch with itself.

Callaloo. The state of Trinidad itself is called by many an excellent soup. Judge for yourself, there are mixed Indian, African, Spanish, French, Chinese and Indian roots and traditions. And fine Caribbean rum serves as a dressing for this "dish". The already hot mixture is simmered roast in these latitudes of the Sun. Nevertheless, regardless of origin, all Trinidadians love the local kalalu soup. It is made from mashed okra with coconut and crab cut into pieces. At the same time, the pulp of the nut gives the soup a thick and sweet taste.

Clam chowder. This soup is widespread in America and can be tasted almost anywhere in the country. Sometimes this dish is even served in bread. Nevertheless, one should beware of fakes. In the 1930s, the country almost even passed a special law that protected the original recipe for this shellfish soup. After all, the chefs began to diversify it with various newfangled additions. In Manhattan, for example, they began to add tomatoes to the dish. The real "clam chowder" from New England, this version is called "Boston", is cooked in milk or cream, with shellfish, onions, potatoes and ham.

Gaspacho. Like other primordially Spanish concepts, this soup comes from Andalusia. Once upon a time, poor workers scraped the bottom of the barrel and made a fairly simple recipe from what they found. Tomatoes, a stale crust of bread, vinegar, garlic and olive oil are enough for the soup. Such uncomplicated ingredients are enough to prepare a dish that is not ashamed to be served on the royal table. Soups are based on grated vegetables. Cold, this dish will help you fill up even in the unbearable Spanish heat.

Ajiaco. Colombians have something to oppose to those who consider soup to be exclusively the first course. After all, if there is such a dish on the table, you will not want the second one. Achiaco is a very high-calorie and high-energy food. Three different types of potatoes are traditionally used for its preparation - yellow criollas tubers, waxy red sabaneras and white pastusa. And all this is sprinkled with aromatic herbs. When the Spaniards found out about such a dish, they loved it very much, adding cream and chicken to the soup. From this, the ajiaco became even tastier, but also even more nutritious.

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