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Meaning of the name

Old Slavonic means "Goddess of the moon", "given by God". Girls in Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus are named after Danuta.


With her mischief, Dana's parents cause a lot of trouble - this is a real tomboy, it's not for nothing that she is friends, as a rule, with boys, even her haircut is boyish; braids, bows - not her style. She is brave, athletic, sometimes harsh, she is not averse to making fun of someone who does not like her. Quickly and easily converges with people and leaves without regret.

Those born in winter are stubborn, decisive, able to stand up for themselves; great sweet tooth. They are sensual and amorous, influenced by emotions, they often act rashly, but they never regret anything. For a long time they sort out suitors and, as a result, they often get married unsuccessfully. However, in marriage only those who were born in summer are lucky - they are more tolerant and softer. Those born in the fall are very calculating and pragmatic and make good careers.

Danuta loves big, cheerful companies, she is, as they say, the soul of society, a cheerleader, but in a feast she prefers wine and champagne to strong alcoholic drinks.

These are very truthful natures, with rather contradictory character traits, at the same time restrained and wanting to please. Trying to find their own individuality, sometimes they withdraw into themselves. They lack courage and self-confidence. They know how to use their indecision.

A very strong will, combined with a developed sense of duty, helps them achieve success. People with this type of character know perfectly well where the limit is, to which you can act, and where you should stop and not go beyond the boundaries of what is permitted.

Some of them seem to be the embodiment of humility and patience, which just helps them to bring their plans to the end. They seem to enjoy coercing others to work more than working on their own. They do not have any special ambitions, but they know perfectly well which road to take.

They love sports and become great swimmers. Everything connected with electronics, radio, television brings them success. They can work as pediatricians or in preschool childcare facilities, as they love small children. And don't forget that they often manage to bypass their boss.

Intuition is good. In addition, Danuta has an excellent knowledge of human psychology. Know which page to rip out. They love to play the role of a "woman-child" and until old age they wear all sorts of bows, ruffles, etc.

They have a synthetic mindset that allows them to avoid mistakes in life. They perfectly see all the circumstances surrounding this case. There is a certain amount of fake naivety and feigned innocence in their sensitivity, which make a strong impression on men.

We are always ready to provide a service, even if they do it with consideration. Danuta is an excellent hostess, guests are received with style, they can even go into debt, just to show off.

Even when they achieve great success, they remain restless, perhaps subconsciously realizing that their successes are not a reflection of their merits.

Excellent health has served them for many years. Are prone to being overweight. These women do not hurt to pay attention to the joints and knees and carefully engage in winter sports.


Sexuality is strong and complex. Here and calculation, and spontaneity, fears and sensuality, bordering on masochism. These women do not feel the need for motherhood, on this basis they may have problems in life.

Love for Danuta is unthinkable without an intimate relationship. She will always protest against any attempt to belittle the intimate side of her life. Her creative nature strives for perfection, so she is often intolerant of the mistakes of others and tries not to repeat them.

She can be the perfect partner for a reserved man with a moderate temperament. Stormy passions are unknown to her; in her family life, sex becomes a ritual invariably associated with the night time. She will neatly and efficiently finish her evening dress and, reading the book, will wait for her husband in bed.

These are mysterious women. They manage to be two-faced by misleading others.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio.


The sound of Danut's name gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, rude, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, bright.

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