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Meaning of the name

Demyan in translation from ancient Greek means "conqueror", "subduer".


Usually Demyan is an emotional and enthusiastic person, he is sociable, inquisitive, but in most cases his character cannot be called open and simple. Yes, this is not surprising, since many carriers of this now outdated name prefer to call themselves more familiar - Dima.

Thus, already at an early age, Demyan, as it were, begins to lead an acting game, and not that he pretends to be another person, but still this indicates his partial attitude to how he looks in the eyes of others.

It is precisely because of this that Demyan's vanity is often painful and, in order to insure himself against the negative attitude of society towards him, he will most likely prefer to create in the eyes of those around him some favorable image in his opinion.

Good or not, however, it helps Demyan to find the necessary balance and at the same time makes him a rather reasonable and calculating person. It is interesting that as he grows up, his attitude towards his name can change its sign to the opposite.

So in our time, many young people specifically come up with common and ridiculous-sounding pseudonyms for the purpose of fun, and in order to stand out from the general environment or even oppose themselves to society.

Demyan doesn't need to invent anything. At the same time, it may give him pleasure to realize that when he ceases to play his role, others perceive it as a kind of mask and vice versa - his mask is perceived by them as a real face.

Demyan's artistry, his energy and ambition can greatly help him in life, especially when it is combined with a sense of humor, without which Demyan can be prone to bouts of depression and apathy.

Most likely, Demyan will attach great importance to his career, in which he can achieve significant success. Nevertheless, for full happiness, he often lacks genuine peace of mind and openness with loved ones.

Demyan goes to the goal in a straight line, not stopping at losses, excluding compromises. But such intransigence does not bring benefits - if he were more diplomatic, he would have achieved more. Many of Demyan's actions are dictated by calculation and selfishness.

He seems to marry for love, but his choice is not devoid of calculation. He is monogamous, although he is able to briefly get carried away by another woman. He forgives himself this weakness, but strictly monitors that his wife does not look at men.

Demian is susceptible to flattery, jealous of the success of colleagues. In extreme situations, he can be brave and temporarily forget about his own benefits - but for this he will be praised. Most of all, he is afraid of being reputed to be a coward.Despite many shortcomings, Demyan is a kind person, and close people should accept him for who he is.


He is confident in himself, does not know defeat. For him, the attitude of his partner to him is important, it's just that Demyan's sex does not seduce. Demyan knows how to win over a woman, never hides what he needs from her, does not give idle promises.

If he meets with an experienced partner, then he is only interested in the momentary satisfaction of his desires, he does not make distant plans and spends time for his own pleasure.

If a woman meets his requirements and fully satisfies him sexually, then her past does not matter to him.

Demian really looks at life and is absolutely sure that he can interest his partner so much that she will forget about the other men. Moreover, his past is non-negotiable.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Demyan gives the impression of something active, strong, brave.

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