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Augustine the venerable
Alexander is the protector of humanity
Alexage - Defender
Alesh - defender
Alojz is a famous warrior
Andel - angel, messenger
Antonin is invaluable
Arnost - the fighter against death

Periwinkle - conquer
Bartholomej - son of Talmay
Trouble is a peaceful ruler
Bedrizek is a peaceful ruler
Thighrich is a peaceful ruler
Blaze - talking in a whisper
Bozidar - a gift of God
Bonifak is a good destiny
Bohaslav - the glory of God
Bohdan - given by God
Bohumil - the benefit of God
Bohumir - the world of god
Branislav is a great defender
Bronislav is a great defender

Wavrinek - from Laurentum
Waklav - more glory
Wenkeslav - more glory
Vilém - helmet
Viliam - helmet
Vink the conqueror
Vincennes the conqueror
Vit - life
Vladimir is a famous ruler
Vladislav - glorious reign
Vlastimil - sweet power
Vlastislav - the glory of the authorities
Vojtech - a happy soldier

Gaba is a strong man of God
Gabirel - the strong man of God
Geybk - the strong man of God
Georg the Farmer

Dal - a distant battle
Dalibor - a distant battle
Danoyuzk - God is my judge
Danes - God is my judge
Dalek - a distant battle
Jakub - the displacer
Jarmil - spring good
Jaromil - spring benefits
Jaromir - spring world
Jarke - Spring
Jeraj - Farmer
Jindrich - House Ruler
Joseph - the multiplier
Julius - soft bearded, youth
Dobromil - kind
Dominic - owned by the lord
Drahomir - Precious World
Drachoslav - precious glory
Duzanek - soul, spirit
Dusa - soul, spirit
Dusan - soul, spirit
Duzk - soul, spirit

Jean is a good god

Zdenek - from Sidon

Ivan is a good god
Ignaz - ignorance
Imrich - home ruler
Jiri - Farmer

Johan is a good god

Kaja - chicken, chicken
Kajik - chicken, chicken
Kajin - chicken, chicken
Kajinek - chicken, chicken
Kajisek - chicken, chicken
Karel is a man
Karol is a man
Koloman - dove
Constantine - persistent, constant
Cornelle - horn
Christophe - the bearer of the cross
Krystof - bearer of the cross
Ktibor - a battle of honor

Ludwick is a famous warrior
Ladislav - rules with glory
Leos - lion
Libor - free
Lubomyr - the world of love
Lukash - from Lucania
Lubos - the world of love

Marek - warlike
Marik - warlike
Matey - a gift from God
Matus is a gift from God
Mykolas - victory of people
Mikula - victory of people
Mikulas - victory of people
Milan - benefit, grace
Miloslav - sweet glory
Milos - sweet glory
Mirek - Peaceful Glory
Miroslav - peaceful glory
Michal - who is like god?
Supplication - Blessed
Mstislav - the glory of revenge

Aldrich - prosperity and power
Ondrej - man, warrior
Otakar - cautious of wealth
Otokar - cautious of wealth

Pavel - small
Pavol - small
Patrick is a nobleman
Peter - rock, stone

Radim - a happy world
Radko - happy
Radomil - a happy benefit
Radomir - happy world
Rados - Peaceful and Happy Glory
Radoslaw - happy glory
Raidk - Happy
Rehor - cautious, alert
Rostek - usurper of glory
Rostik - usurper of glory
Rostislav - usurper of glory

Sayonek - listener
Sik - listener
Simesek - listener
Sinek - conquest
Sink - Conquest
Slawomir - the world of glory
Sobeslav - corresponding glory

Tomas is a twin

Philip the horse lover
Frantizek - free

Havel - rooster
Honza is a good god

Tsdislav - here is the glory

Shimon - listener
Stepan - crown

Evsen - Well Born
Edward is the guardian of prosperity
Edward is the guardian of prosperity
Eliash - God - My God

Yaroslav - spring glory

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