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Agatha is good
Adela - noble
Adele - noble
Algbeta - God is my oath
Alzbeta - God is my oath
Alika is a noble species
Alina - from Magdala
Andela - angel, messenger
Aneta - benefit, grace
Anthony is invaluable

Bara - foreign, strange
The steering wheel is foreign, strange
Baraska - foreign, strange
Barbora - foreign, strange
Barca - foreign, strange
Barkinka - foreign, strange
Baruna - foreign, strange
Bertha is bright
Blanka - white
Bozena - a divine gift
Bora - foreign, strange
Bohaslava - the glory of God
Bohdana - a gift from God
Bohumila - the benefit of God
Branislava is a great protector
Branca is a great protector
Bronislava is a great defender

Vaklava - more glory
Wjera - faith, truth
Vladimir is a famous ruler
Vladislava - ruling with glory
Vlasta - power

Dalibor - a distant battle
Daska - soul, spirit
Daleka - a distant battle
Dalena - a distant battle
Deilnka - a distant battle
Jarka - spring
Jarmila - spring
Jaroslav - spring glory
Jindriska - House Ruler
Jirina - Farmer
Jitka - Jewish woman of Judea
Joseph - Multiplying
Jolana - purple flower
Johana is a good god
Judita - Jewish, woman of Judah
Julia - youth
Dolka - a distant battle
Dominica - owned by the lord
Dorota is a gift from God
Drahomira - precious world
Drahoslava - precious glory
Duzana - soul, spirit
Duzanka - soul, spirit
Duzika - soul, spirit
Dusa - soul, spirit

Zoja - life
Zofi - wisdom
Zuzana - lily

Willow is a good god
Ivana is a good god
Ivanka is a good god
Isabla - god is my oath
Irenka - the world

Kaja is a human
Carolina is a man
Katerjina - pure
Kveta - flower bloom
Capeka - small stork
Christina is a follower of Christ
Katarina is pure

Ladislava - gets along with fame
Ladmila - people's love
Lenka - from Magdala
Libena - love
Libuse - love
Lida - from Lydia
Lidi - from Lydia
Lidmila - sweet to people
Lubomira - the world of love

Magdalena - from Magdala
Magdalene - from Magdala
Madelenka - from Magdala
Maria is the beloved
Marketa - pearls
Martha is a lady
Matilda - powerful in battle
Milada - benefit, grace
Milan - benefit, grace
Milena - benefit, grace
Miloslav - sweet glory
Miroslava - peaceful glory

Nada is hope
Wall - restoration
Neidja - hope
Neidzda - hope

Otili is rich

Paul is small
Peacock - small

Radka is happy
Radomila - a happy benefit
Radomir - a happy world
Radoslava - happy glory
Growth - growing glory
Rostislav - growing fame
Ruzena - raising

Sarka - forty
Svjetlana - light
Light - light
Svetlanka - light
Svetlaska - light
Light - light
Sobieska - its own glory
Sobeslava - its own glory
Stepanka - crown

Teresa the reaper
Taitana is the father

Philippa is a horse lover
Frantiska - free

Hana is a good god
Hedwick - Fighting, War

Tsjenka - from Sidon

Shimona - listener

Evalka - live, life
Evaska - alive, life
Evika - live, life
Evinka - alive, life
Ewka - alive, life
Edita - Wealth and Struggle
Aigneis - chaste, saint
Eliska - God is my oath
Elite - God is my oath
Emilia - competing

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