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Any office worker sooner or later thinks about how to start his own business. True, usually things do not go beyond intentions. A person begins to frantically search for ideas, their overabundance makes them lose their common sense.

But as it turns out, cold logic and sheer calculation are not always the best ideas at the start. After all, they interfere with the manifestation of a certain devilry, from which your own original business idea can appear.

The founders of those types of business, which will be discussed below, were not afraid of their crazy and seemingly absurd ideas, and, moreover, abandoning their usual old occupation. Let them be considered delusional, but they bring millions!

Goose police. This unusual animal police guards the golf courses from enemies. The detachment consists of 33 border collie dogs. This police got the name goose because it counteracts impudent birds. After all, geese simply attack venerable aristocratic players from a height with the products of their vital activity. The division was created in 1987 by New Jersey entrepreneur Dave Marks. He invested 3 thousand dollars in his project, promising to expel geese from the sky above golf clubs. The business has proven to be successful, flourishing for over 20 years. Does it seem to you that he cannot bring serious money? The profit of such a division in 2010 alone amounted to $ 2.5 million.

Four-wheeled extreme. Dawn Stokes worked as a sales manager for medical devices. But in 2004, the fragile girl was tired of struggling with sad memories of her first experience driving a 1963 Chevrolet Monza. Dawn got hold of half a million and bought 10 of these cars at once. Then an enterprising woman rented a track in one of the Texas towns and opened a school for driving sports and extreme cars. Soon this place became popular both among fans of fast driving and among companies practicing altering cars. As a result, the business began to flourish, bringing in $ 1.8 million to its owner in 2010.

Simple identifiers. As a child, almost every one of us was sewn on special tags by the mother. This allowed mittens and a hat to not get lost in the locker room. It turns out that a similar problem exists in America. There, factory labels have become very popular for personalizing children's clothes in educational institutions. Even adults are susceptible to this kind of inattention. Julia Cole took advantage of this fact and invested ten thousand dollars in 2002 in the business of creating such simple identifiers. In 2010, her company has already earned 4 million.

Wooden puzzles. Handcrafted items have a special magic. This is why people are willing to overpay for them. Steve Richardson, 71, can talk about this in detail. The puzzles he creates are drawn by real artists and are estimated at a minimum of $ 125, and a maximum of $ 5,000. The price depends on the complexity, while the toy is so exquisitely created that it is pleasant to receive it as a gift for anyone. Even the English queen, a big lover of smart games, became one of the owners of the wooden puzzle. The entrepreneur says that he deliberately creates puzzles in such a way that they are difficult to assemble. Steve's calculation is confirmed by the income of his small business in Vermont. In 2009, the profit was 2.5 million.

Big move. Moving always resembles a natural disaster. The owners can safely transport their cats, dogs and other pets, but what if the whole zoo moves? Texans Kevin and Angie O'Brien tried to answer this question. They created in 2004. The starting capital was only 97 thousand. Over time, the small family business has expanded significantly. The company now has a deep specialization in logistics. She not only transports animals, but also prepares their veterinary passports, helps to go through quarantine and customs clearance. In this business, the spouses have practically no competitors, which helped them earn about 4 million in 2010.

Outsourced socks. Every man sometimes has a moment when he cannot find a pair of clean socks. Or there is simply an odd number of them. One day the patience of the Swiss Samuel Lichti snapped, and in 1999 he founded the BlackSocks company. The company simply helped the men - several times a year, nine pairs of quality Italian socks were sent to customers for $ 89. The entrepreneur said that such outsourcing allows men to save 12 hours a year, and over the course of their entire life, they accumulate three whole weeks of returned time. In 2009, Lichti's business expanded - he also began selling underwear. Today the company serves 60 thousand clients in 74 countries. In 2009, the company's income was 5 million.

Disordered flights. Rick Platt from Las Vegas no longer cares about why people don't fly like birds. Perhaps because there are other possibilities. Since 2009, the man has opened his own trampoline complex. Interestingly, elastic surfaces are placed there not only on the floor, but also on the walls and ceiling. As a result, a person, jumping up, can fly in any direction. The cost of such a vacation is low - only $ 12 per hour. Today families relax in the hall, hold corporate events and whole tournaments. Platt used to collect scrap metal, but was able to raise about $ 2 million for his new business. The invested funds were returned in the first year, besides, there was still a whole million left on the account. Rick is going to develop a franchise network, for which he is looking for such madmen.

Art with DNA. The curious duet of Adrian Solomonovich and Nazim Ahmed learned to mix science and art, having also learned to make money on this. Since 2005, they have started to create portraits of clients. A special feature is that amino acids from DNA act as strokes in the picture. Each of them has its own color and place on the canvas. A small painting will cost 200 dollars, and a large canvas will pull already at 1300. The interest in canvases made of genetic material is so great that they are kept in museums in Tokyo and New York as works of modern art. Artist-entrepreneurs in 2009 were able to enrich themselves by 1.4 million.

Search for bugs. Kevin Murray's work does not take place in the field, but within the walls of corporate offices. His business began in 1978, when spy scandals flourished in factories. Murray offered his services in detecting eavesdropping and spying devices - "bugs". A day of work of a specialist costs 7-8 thousand dollars. Now the profitability of the business is declining - strict laws have scared off spies. Now the counterintelligence officer no longer receives the former million, being content with the amount of 760 thousand dollars a year.

People's car. It would seem, how can you compete in the sale of auto parts with large organizations? Matthew Hartzog has proven that this is possible. In his youth, the guy helped his stepfather by selling parts for General Motors cars. Matthew liked the lesson so much that at a mature age he opened his own company selling components, but for only one car - the Pontiac Fiero. At one time, this small and cheap car was a real hit in the American market, selling 370 thousand copies. Most of them disappeared in accidents and in landfills, but even today 75 thousand of these cars ride on the roads of the country. Fiero is adored by their owners, who are ready to buy a variety of original and tuning accessories from Matthew. Naturally, rare spare parts cost accordingly. In 2009, fans of the rare model brought the businessman a profit of 2 million.

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