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It is customary in any country to honor its leaders and famous heroes. They save the lives of others in everyday situations, without thinking about how it will affect their image and even ignore the danger to their own lives.

However, children often become heroes. We will tell you about those children whose resourcefulness and courage helped to save lives and prevent terrible tragedies.

Kamal Nepali. The feat of this boy was that for the sake of saving the baby he was not afraid to go down into a narrow gorge. In the Himalayas, in Nepal there is the Seti river, which originates in the Annapurna mountain range and from there flows to the city of Pokhara. It is a famous tourist destination from where excursions around the country start. Before the powerful earthquake happened, in 2012 the river went under the city and was lost in a narrow and deep gorge. The stream of water cut its way deep underground, then lost in the mountains. In June 2008, a tragedy struck - two-year-old Aradkhan Pradkhan fell from a height of 20 meters into one of the gorges with the river. Rescuers tried to get to the girl, but the gorge was so narrow that it was impossible for an adult to get through. After 22 hours, the child even stopped making sounds. There were suggestions that Aradhana had already died. The Salum of Nepali penetrated the gorge longer than others, to a depth of 8 meters. His brother, 12-year-old Kamal, volunteered to help him. He tried to crawl into a narrow gap, which did not obey the adults. Rescuers did not dare to use the services of a young rescuer for a long time, but they simply had no other choice. So they began to lower the boy down. But the rescuers did not have the opportunity to see how he was doing in the dark. Only radios helped. Only half an hour later did Kamal rise to the surface - everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Little Aradhana was sitting on his back in his sack. She was taken to a nearby hospital, where the girl quickly recovered. And Kamala was declared a national hero. The boy has received many awards for his bravery.

Michael Bouron. For important goals, children not only have to show courage, but also learn new skills on the fly. For the sake of saving his father, this hero even managed to start the power supply of the truck without ignition keys. In the Australian Whitbelt region, there is a small town called Bonnie Rock. But the disadvantage of such remote places lies in the fact that you have to wait a long time to receive qualified assistance. That is why, after the accident that happened to Justin Bouron, it seemed that he had no chance of surviving. After all, the driver's skull was damaged, and he himself was pinned to the ground. The nearest hospital was located at a distance of 50 kilometers from this place. But even there there was no necessary doctor, who was generally located 200 kilometers from the accident. The truck overturned in a very remote area. But Justin was lucky to have his 12-year-old son Michael rode beside him. Only now he was also injured, so there could be no talk of providing medical assistance to his father. And the boy simply would not have been able to reach the nearest settlement. It's good that during the accident Michael was on the sleeping place and got off with scratches. The boy managed to get out and get to the radio. Only now the equipment turned out to be broken, as the wires were cut during the crash. Then Michael had to act under the direction of his father. The boy took out a spare battery, was able to plug it in and tune the radio. But before he had no experience with electronics at all. Michael had to strip the wires and connect them to an external battery. And the truck's engine continued to work all this time, splashing out gasoline and oil. In other words, there was a constant risk of explosion. It's good that the boy was able to quickly tune the radio. An hour after the crash, an ambulance was taking the injured man to the hospital. Thanks to timely assistance, Justin Bouron managed to recover from numerous injuries. And no one doubts that a man owes his life to his son and his resourcefulness.

Titus Hill. This boy had to walk barefoot in the snow, not for hardening, but to save his family. Every year hundreds of accidents occur in the United States that involve the use of cell phones. Snowy weather is another common cause. In the state of Colorado alone, it causes 5,000 accidents every year. For the Hill family in 2002, both of these factors came together. The family was returning home after a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Then Tammy Hill's phone rang. While trying to understand the pipe, the woman lost control of the car. The pickup truck rolled over five times and only then stopped. In the rear of the cab there were three children at once - one, four and seven years old. They were not injured as they were well fastened with seat belts in their child seats. But the catastrophe was a shock for them. After all, the kids were already getting ready for bed, changing into pajamas and taking off their shoes. All that was left was to wait for the pickup to arrive home. And then the children were alone, because the mother was thrown out of the car and was unconscious. Then the oldest child, Titus, took the initiative. He unbuckled and checked to see if everything was okay with his sisters. Then the boy went to seek help. But the temperature outside was below zero. Titus was wearing only pajamas, and he lost his shoes. A seven-year-old boy had to walk barefoot in the snow for about half a kilometer before he reached a dairy farm. And although the local workers did not understand English, the phrase "my mom, my mom" and the child's panicky look made it clear that something had happened. After an ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident, Tammy Hill was found in critical condition. The woman had about twelve bones crushed. And only the quick wits of her eldest son and his courageous decision to go half-dressed and barefoot for help saved the life of Titus's mother.

Elspeth "Beanie" Mar. Danger lies in wait for us everywhere - you can die simply by choking on food. And it's good when girls like Elspeth Mar are nearby, who quickly come to the rescue. For an adult, the danger of choking is great, and for children, this threat is even more serious. This accident is one of the most common causes of child death and injury. In America, an average of six children die every month due to food falling into the wrong throat. Elspeth "Beanie" Mar was six years old when she ate her lunch at Sacramento Elementary School. And suddenly one of her friends choked and began to choke. It turned out that a piece of apple was firmly stuck in the trachea of ​​Elspeth's classmate, Ania Rigmaiden. The unhappy woman began to literally tear her throat, trying to breathe in air. Then the young Elspeth Mar got down to business. She calmly approached the victim and used the Heimlich technique to help. With just one push, Ania spat out the piece of apple that had hit her trachea. And everyone in this situation was surprised by the equanimity with which the girl saved the life of a classmate. After that Elspeth simply calmly returned to her seat. Later it turned out that the girl had learned such a useful technique on a Disney show. So at times, watching TV can be beneficial.

Victor Flores. This boy was not afraid to put his life on the line to save the boy who fell through the thin ice. When a person drowns, he experiences sensations similar to suffocation. But it's all much worse. Water enters the lungs and the body activates defense mechanisms by constricting the throat. The airways are constricted as if food had entered them. The person is numb with horror and confused, finding himself below the water level. All that can be done in this case is to try to be afloat, while clinging to everything possible, including other people. It is these moments that are told to rescuers during their training. The fact is that it is not enough just to pull a person out of the water. This must be done so carefully so that the drowning does not drag the rescuer to the bottom, frantically clinging to him. That is why, when a child without special training not only comes up on his own, but also saves someone at the same time, you need to talk about heroism. This story happened in December 2009. Nine-year-old Victor Flores walked with his friend, seventh-grader Aiden, through his grandfather's plot. The older boy decided to skate on the ice in a small pond, despite Victor's warnings about the thin ice. But Aiden went out on the ice, cracks immediately started and the teenager fell into the icy water. Victor rushed to save his friend, but only fell into the water himself. As expected, Aiden, in a panic, began to push his friend downward, trying to get to the surface. It's good that Victor kept his cool. He swam away from the drowning man, got out of the water and ran after the pole. With his help, the boy pulled his friend out of the icy lake. My grandmother, who heard the screams, also came to the rescue. Thanks to Victor's quick decisions and his strong spirit, a double tragedy was avoided.

Jeremy Whitschick. A bus without brakes or with an unconscious driver is usually part of a thriller, but this situation happened in real life. And only thanks to the teenager was it possible to prevent the bus crash. This yellow vehicle is a classic childhood experience for generations of Americans. It is not surprising that there is a sense of calmness and confidence, no one watches over vigilance. In addition, a trip on such a bus is the first thing in the morning, there is no control in the form of teachers. Children usually sleep or have fun with friends. Even according to research, children cannot really concentrate on business until 9:30 in the morning. Therefore, the act of 13-year-old Jeremy Whitschik, who became a hero when others just woke up, is surprising. In April 2012, Jeremy drove to his usual place to school as usual in the morning. Then he saw how the driver, who was sitting a few rows before him, suddenly lost consciousness. And although the bus continued to move forward, the driver's hands were no longer on the steering wheel. The vehicle moved independently, without control. The seventh grader was not at a loss, jumped up and grabbed the steering wheel, directing the bus to the side of the road. Jeremy simply could not reach the pedals, and this prevented him from stopping the movement. But the teenager was smart by pulling the keys out of the ignition. The rest of the teenagers immediately called 911. And another teenager, Johnny Wood, also became a hero, having managed to give the driver artificial respiration even before the doctors arrived.

Timmy Miles. And this teenager showed composure, managing to save his brother and sister from a burning car. However, in this case, it was not possible to do without victims. Gaylene Myles decided to commit suicide, and she succeeded. However, the actions of her son prevented the woman's plans to kill three more of her children. In 2000, Gailing was treated in a mental hospital, shortly after which she also divorced. The following January, a woman picked up the children from school, telling them they were going on a field trip to Gollup, New Mexico. In fact, Gailin took her family to an unsociable place in the Zuni Mountains. There she made the children take 12 pills, ostensibly to protect them from the cold. The woman herself drank the medicine. Already in the car, all four lost consciousness. But then something happened that Gailin had never planned. Her leg had been on the gas pedal for so long that the car overheated and caught fire. Fire turned out to be a much more dangerous and obvious enemy than cold or pills. It's good that the fever woke up the oldest child, 13-year-old Timmy. He immediately saw that the dashboard was on fire and tried to extinguish it. But when it turned out that the first impulse could not be realized, the boy began to pull his 11-year-old brother and 10-year-old sister out of the car. But he could no longer save his mother, perhaps she had already died at that moment. The children at a distance waited for the fire to die down. Then they returned to the burned-out car, which turned out to be their only hiding place. The three children spent the whole night among the charred skeleton, huddled together for warmth. In the morning, the children went for help, getting to the hospital for the treatment of burns. It is to be hoped that Timmy will retain his courage, despite the dire circumstances surrounding his heroic deed.

Jemes Persin. It is difficult for women in the fight against rapists. But sometimes children come to the aid of the victims. In January 2013, a student from Michigan was walking to her car when a stranger threatened her with a pistol. It was 30-year-old Eric Ramsey, who had already served 5 years in prison for severe injuries. He forced the girl to take him to his mother's house, where he immediately raped the unfortunate student. But her misadventures did not even think to end there. Ramsey tied his victim up and shoved her back into the car. When leaving the house, the rapist told the girl that he wanted to kill her. At full speed, the student managed to jump out of the car, breaking her arm. The girl rushed to the nearest house, in which the light was on, and began to knock on the door with her good hand. However, there were no adults in the house - there were only three children, whose father went to live with his girlfriend. The eldest child was James Persin. And although he knew that it was impossible to open to strangers, he made an exception for the girl who prayed for help. The student ran into the house and told the children to hide, as a criminal was walking along the street, thirsty for blood. Then James closed all the doors and took the children to the bathroom. Then he turned off the light and began to wait for the bandit with a hunting knife in his hand and with his dog. Soon Ramsey realized in which house his prey was hiding - he began to knock on the door. But the locks did not succumb to blows. Then the robber took two cans of gasoline from the garage, poured it over the door and set it on fire. James found himself in a difficult situation - his house was on fire, but he could not open the door. After all, a bandit was waiting for him. Then the boy locked himself with everyone in the bathroom and dialed 911. Help soon arrived and the fire was extinguished. Ramsey, while trying to escape, managed to crash into a police car, and was shot dead before morning.

Sacramento Valley High School. And this feat was accomplished by a whole group of children to save the girl. The story happened in May 2013. In California, a mother came to pick up her daughter, a high school student. However, while parking, the woman hit a car in front. The driver abruptly backed up and did not notice his own daughter, who was standing nearby. The car jerked off so sharply that it literally nailed the girl to the ground, running over her. The loud screams of the victim were heard by the school baseball team, which was training nearby. The guys immediately ran to save the girl. The car was jointly lifted so that the victim could be dragged to safety. It turns out that such a massive feat became possible thanks to a unique feature of our body, known as "fight or flight." This is a very powerful automatic stress response that literally increases your strength. Under normal conditions, muscles only work at 65 percent of their capacity. But under the influence of adrenaline, the body can work at its maximum.It is also known that adrenaline increases perception. With the release of this substance, time seems to slow down in a person, the danger is felt much more acutely, and the brain remembers details better than under normal conditions. This creates a powerful reaction to the situation, which allows ordinary people to do the impossible and save the lives of others.

Riley Braden. In this story, the youngest came together - both the heroine and the baby she saved. Florida is so hot in the summer that everyone tends to stay close to the pools to cool off. But this is precisely what keeps this state in first place in the country for the rate of drowned children under 15 years of age. The Florida Department of Health has estimated that seven out of a hundred thousand children die from water in the state by the age of five. National statistics say that at this age, children usually die from birth defects, and children drown not even in the sea, but in pools. Riley Brandon was only five years old when in May 2009, she was walking with a neighbor next to the pool. Several other families rested right there. Riley was hiding from the heat in the shallow waters of the pool when she saw a small child fall into the water. The worst thing is that none of the adults noticed what happened to the one and a half year old child. Riley knew how to swim since she was two years old, she immediately dived under the water and pulled the child out of it. If the girl had delayed a few more seconds, then the baby's life would be in jeopardy. For the brave act, the scouts awarded the five-year-old girl the Life Saving Award. Yes, and at school everyone noted the girl's brave deed. It turned out that her parents worked as search rescuers on the water. From them, Riley learned not to get lost in the water and help other people.

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