Women's Chamorro (Guam Island) names

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Aani - day
Agana - blood
Alula - in a hurry
Amista - devoted, loyal
Hatisa - increase

Blandina - blond

Guifi is a dream

Iza is a rainbow
Ina - illuminating
Inina - flicker of light

Kamarin - Protector
Kami - flower
Kamiya - flower

Layakna - sail
Laytazi - praise

Maho - Thirsty
Melody - melody, song
Mina is mine
Mira is wonderful
Monaeka - doll
Meiana - flower
Mames - sweet

Nena - beloved, dear
Neil - tall and slim

Paharita is a small bird
Puendzhi - night

Reina is the queen

Sabana - a grassy mountain
Seda - silk
Senora - lady
Serenade - serenade, evening music
Siren - mermaid
Vanity is luck
Sukori - help

Tadtazi - near the sea
Tazi - sea or ocean
Tazina - the sea
Tasa - praise
Yew - bright
Tatazi - sea

The fresco is cool

Ha'an - day
Ha'ani - day

Chamorra - woman
Chirika - bird
Chichirika - bird
Chubaska - sea storm

Erencia - legacy
Echa - giving blessings

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