Celtic female names

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Avalon - the island of apples
Agrona - killed, killed in action
Ayin - radiance
Andreist - indomitable
Aranrhod - huge wheel

Betony - a good, healthy head
Blodeuedd - female spirit
Boadikea - victory
Bonduka - victory
Bryid - Exalted
Brigante - Exalted
Budika - victory
Budikka - victory
Buduica - victory

Iseult - a fair approach
Innojen - girl, maiden

Cartimandua - Smooth Pony
Cartismandua - sleek pony
Kinney - beauty
Kinnia - beauty
Coventin - a memory of snow
Krobh derg - red claws

Nantosuelt - sunny valley

Rinnon is the big queen
Ronat - small seal
Rhiannon - the big queen

Sabrina - River Goddess
Sulis is a good current

Three hundred - brave, reckless

Ula is a gem

Fkhina - wine

Epona - horse



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