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Meaning of the name

Cheslav translated from Old Church Slavonic means "the one whose glory".


Cheslav is very charming, outwardly handsome, but shy and withdrawn. Czeslaw is similar in appearance and character to his mother. From his father he has mistrust, caution, suspicion.

Cheslav is not a careerist, but career advancement is guaranteed to him. The bosses appreciate Cheslav for his honesty, decency and exceptional ability.

Cheslav is a talented diplomat. In his work, Cheslav always has a creative approach to business, consistency, thoroughness. Czeslaw can work as a lawyer, architect, economist, landscape designer.

Cheslav marries a woman whom he knows and loves for a long time, often a classmate. They are connected by a long romantic youthful love, which only matures and strengthens over the years.

Family for Czeslaw is the main achievement in life, which he cherishes and values ​​very much. His wife feels protected by his side.


Cheslav is a gentle, romantic, sensual, passionate lover. He is able to give his beloved such pleasure that she will come to her senses for a long time. Cheslav feels every desire, every movement of his partner. Cheslav often cries during his orgasm.

Cheslav is able to create an unforgettable setting for a date - candles, a light dinner, good wine, lyric poetry - everything to subdue his beloved.

Cheslav usually has one sexual partner for life - his legal wife.


Dark green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Pisces, Cancer.


The sound of the name Cheslav gives the impression of something high, gentle, subtle.

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