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Meaning of the name

Old Slavic means "fighter", possibly short for Borislav.


Boris knows from childhood what is "good" and what is "bad". He never throws a briefcase on the floor, does not scatter clothes around the apartment. Not having learned the lessons, he will not rush into the street to chase the ball with the boys. Growing up, Boris gains independence. They walk up late with their girlfriends and are in no hurry to introduce them to their mother.

Boris's secrecy can sometimes cause headaches, and even microinfarctions in his parents. So, Boris will inform his parents about the marriage the day before, at best - a week in advance or when it is no longer possible to hide further.

Boris, thanks to his intelligence and perseverance, always achieves great success in his chosen field of activity and occupies a prominent position in society. Success accompanies him in business. All the blessings of life come to Boris as a result of hard work, without the help of influential friends.

He is not greedy, likes to seem generous, takes care of his parents. If they have a piece of land, they love it almost fanatically. Apartment renovation is rarely entrusted to someone - they prefer to do everything with their own hands.

Devoted to work, they can get so carried away by it that they forget about the family. Boris's future wife will have to put up with this, since he does everything for the welfare of the family.

The family for him is a quiet haven, the rear, where he is gaining strength to realize his ambitious plans. But even at home you rarely see him on TV. Bringing his wife a cup of coffee, helping around the house, checking the children's lessons is a kind of rest for Boris. Strenuous work often leads the hot-tempered Boris to a nervous breakdown, which can result in an addiction to alcohol.

They are in love and jealous, they are complex natures, they are married more than once.


Boris loves women very much, retains interest in them until a ripe old age, will not miss any opportunity to make love with a new acquaintance. Can have sex in any conditions, impatient, seeks to immediately satisfy a suddenly flared up passion.

Not too picky in search of partners, which is why he loses a lot in the eyes of the less accessible women, who are especially interested in Boris. An easy victory pleases him a little, Boris needs conquest, he is a "fighter": intrigues often become the main content of his life.

Many Boris are inclined to worry about their sexual performance, but their worries are almost always unfounded. Boris willingly acts as a confessor and mentor for his friends.

Trying to persuade a woman to intimacy, he loves to have serious conversations on erotic topics, deliberately arousing her. All this serves as proof of his own worth to him.

He feels good with a nervous partner who doubts his sexual abilities, since the process of overcoming her complexes excites him, bringing him to ecstasy.

Boris is inspired by timid and insecure women - "daughters". He can be an excellent lover, but only under certain conditions. He is always friendly, sociable and polite with partners.

Most Borisov are prone to snobbery and outward polish. Often they are able to have several mistresses at the same time. Deep emotionality and passion are alien to them.

Many Boris are unhappy in marriage, but this does not exasperate them towards women. Stormy feelings are familiar, perhaps, only to "December" men.

Boris can go headlong into passion if he meets a woman with great sexual experience who can ignite him. However, his passion is rarely long. After parting with a sexual partner, Boris can maintain friendship with her.

Boris prefers oral sex, but only in relation to himself, he does not like cunnilingus. He is very affectionate and attentive to his partner, but the frivolity and insincerity of the relationship on his part repels sensual women.

Often enters into sexual contacts with casual acquaintances, long-term relationships occur much less often. Boris feels that he is of little interest to serious women and, as if for self-affirmation, enters into close relationships with everyone who does not refuse him.

Boris's personal life is rarely happy, but only through his fault. He does not want to burden himself with a serious relationship and is often left alone in old age.

Boris is hypersexual, he likes many women, if not all. She takes every opportunity to spend time alone with her new girlfriend. He is relaxed in an intimate relationship, likes to talk about sex with a partner, to find out what she likes more, how he should behave during intercourse. With this, he often discourages a woman. She may wonder how good her partners were in bed before him, who she liked more than others.

Has a developed imagination and, making love, can come up with new positions, fills in the breaks between sexual intercourse with various entertainments. Loves oral sex. He can tell a story from his intimate life, if the partner insists. Physically strong, hardy man.

He will not marry for a long time, he is careful in choosing a wife. Prefers virtuoso women in sex.


Navy blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Boris gives the impression of something good, majestic, rude, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, mobile, fast, active, bright, joyful.

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