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Adyaa - the sun
Alima - apple
Altana - gold
Altangerel - golden light
Altansseg - golden flower
Altantuya - golden dawn
Andama is powerful
Angilma the mistress
Anzama - well-behaved
Aryuuna - clean, bright
Aryuungarel - pure, bright light
Aryunseg - pure, light flower
Aryuuntuya - clean, bright dawn
Ayur - life, age
Ayurzana - life wisdom
Ayurzhana - life wisdom
Ayana - travel

Badarma - beautiful
Badmaguro - lotus teacher
Badmahanda - lotus dakina, heavenly fairy
Balbarma - blazing shine, radiance
Balma - rich, radiant, glorified
Baljidma - striving for prosperity
Baljima is magnificent
Baljimedeg - the flower of happiness
Balzhinima - the sun of happiness
Bayarma - joy
Bayarsaykhan - beautiful joy
Bayaskhalan - joy, fun
Buladsaykhan - beautiful steel
Buladtseren - long life of steel
Boom - girl, girl
Bunaya is a virtue
Butidma - leading son
Brawler is a virtue
Buyanta is a virtue
Buyanbata is a solid virtue
Buyandelger - the flowering of virtue

Galzhan - blessed, happy
Galsan - good destiny
Gama - happy, joyful
Ganjil - joy, happiness
Ganzhima - born in snow
Garmasu - star, constellation
Gonchig is a jewel
Goohon is a beauty
Gunganima - joyful sun
Gunsema is the best of them all
Gurgema - dear
Gyma - peace, tranquility
Galagma - happiness, luck, prosperity
Gampalma, gepalma - multiplying happiness

Daba - the moon
Dagzama - holding glory
Dagma is famous
Dara the Liberator
Dari the Liberator
Darijab - guarded by a white container
Darima the Liberator
Darihanda - heavenly liberator
Dashibalbar - radiance of happiness
Dashigalsan - a happy fate in prosperity
Give them a - happy
Dashinamzhil - the beneficent
Dolgor, Dolgorma - White Liberator
Dolgeon - wave
Dolzhin - the green liberator
Dongarma - white-faced
Dorjokhanda - the diamond dakina
Dugarma - white umbrella
Dul ma - liberator
Dulsan the Liberator
Dulmajab - Protected by the Liberator
Dama - contented, prosperous
Densema is a good truth

Yoshidolgor - the omniscient white liberator

Pity - queen Epithet of the goddess of minds
Jargalma - happiness
Zhargalsaykhan - beautiful happiness
Zhebzema - venerable, reverend

Lygzhima - the noble, mother of Buddha
Legjima - the noble, mother of Buddha
Labrima - holding holy drawings
Lagzhin - bestowing good on everyone, bestowing good

Maksarma - endowed with a huge army Name of the wife of the pit
Mange - giving birth to many
Manzan - fiery
Minzhurma - constant, unchanging
Munhebata - Strong Eternity
Munhebayar - eternal joy
Munhedelger - eternal flowering
Munhejargal - eternal happiness
Munhezaya - eternal destiny
Munheseseg - eternal flower
Munhatuya - eternal dawn
Madagma - flower

Namjalma is a complete winner
Namjilma is a total winner
Namsalma - brilliant
Naranseg - solar flower
Narantuya - Sunrise
Nomingaral - emerald light
Nominseg - emerald flower
Nominating - Emerald Dawn
Nordan is the owner of wealth, Earth
Norjima - the giver of wealth
Norjunma - the flow of wealth
Norzen - holding wealth

Ochigma - radiant

Pagma - Honorable, Lady, Queen
Palma - multiplying

Ragzama - wise

Saynbayar is a wonderful joy
Saynbalig - beautiful wisdom
Sainjargal - wonderful happiness
Sanjidma - purifying, fiery
Sanjima - pure, honest
Sarantuya - lunar dawn
Saruul - the brightest, talented
Soelma - cultural, educated, well-mannered
Sojima - Healing
Samjad - pleasing the mind
Sandam - like a lion
Serzhima - golden
Serjimadeg - golden flower
Seseg, sesegma - flower
Seserlig - flower garden, garden

Tungalag - transparent, clean
Temulen - rushing forward, impetuous
Taehe - goat

Ulzy - spreading happiness
Ulzyzhargal - happiness
Unerma - happy
Unersayhan - beautiful happiness
Urzhan - head decoration, crown
Urzhima - diadem
Urin - gentle, affectionate, affable
Urinbayar - tender joy
Uringerel - gentle light
Urinjargal - tender happiness
Urinseg - delicate flower
Urinthuya - gentle dawn
Uyanga - flexible, plastic, melodic

Khajidma - a celestial
Hamatsyren - the goddess of long life
Handama - dakinis, celestial fairies
Khulan - antelope
Harman - squirrel

Cypelma - multiplying life
Tsirendulma, tserendulma - long life of the liberator
Tserendyzhid, tserendezhed - a prosperous long life
Tsyrethor - the treasure of long life
Tsirma - long life
Tsepel - prolonging life
Tserigma - healer
Tserempil - multiplying long life

Chimitzu - immortal

Enkherel - tenderness
Erdeni - jewel, treasure

Hume - mother, divine power, higher knowledge, intuition
Yumdolgor - mother, white savior
Yumdilyk - happiness, well-being of the mother
Yumzhana - mother's decoration, the eye of intuition
Yumjid - mother's happiness
Yumsun - Queen Mother
Yumsum - Queen Mother

Yanzhima is the mistress of melody with a melodic voice
Yangin is the mistress of melody with a melodic voice
Yanzhai - a wonderful melody

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