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Meaning of the name

Slavic means "more glorious".


Boleslav's character matches the sound and sounds solid, which leaves its mark on the fate of a person. In childhood, he is very stubborn, gives a lot of trouble to his parents, his nervous system is unstable, he is reluctant to study at school, but nevertheless he finishes it successfully. He is very similar to his mother, likes to sleep in the morning, cocky and grumpy.

Among the Boleslavs there are drivers, millers, turners, engineers, fashion models, masseurs. Their marriage is usually successful. They are easily influenced by others. They quickly converge with people and just as quickly part, never regretting it.

For some of them, especially the "winter" ones, fate is difficult, they make many mistakes in life, as they act impulsively, thoughtlessly.

Stubborn, and this quality also hurts them. Sometimes they take up a task that is clearly beyond them, and cannot complete it. They do not always realize their abilities, indecision does not allow them to make a career. They often live with their parents. Good fathers.


Boleslav has great sexual opportunities. He is inventive in lovemaking and is looking for a similar partner. He can get the greatest satisfaction with the "November" woman with whom the best mutual understanding occurs, the same temperament allows him to get closer to her more than to others.

Boleslav's rich inner world is full of experiences, erotic motives in his life are not the last. With his increased sexual sensitivity, he excites a woman and tries to give her a lot of pleasure himself.

He gently and tactfully rejects any attempts by his partner to penetrate his inner world. In turn, he himself tries to understand and study it.

Boleslav is sometimes assertive and somewhat rude, unrestrained, but at the same time the slightest hint of his failure as a man can deeply hurt him. He readily admits that he is insatiable in sex, and tries to learn as much as possible about the love technique, trying to give the woman maximum pleasure.

Prefers prolonged sexual intercourse, loves oral sex. Boleslav is not inclined to change girlfriends, especially if the partner suits him in temperament.

Boleslav knows how to clearly define his aspirations and always correctly finds the path to the goal. Boleslav values ​​the feeling of sexual pleasure highly, knows how to be grateful. In an intimate relationship, Boleslav is capable of the most unexpected actions, but he is always gentle and helpful. He is an excellent sexual partner, does not allow himself to relax until he satisfies the woman.

In the family, he is docile, but stubborn in fundamental issues, a leader, does not tolerate pressure. His relationship with his mother-in-law is not easy. Children of different sexes are born.


Ash gray.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Boleslav gives the impression of something good, majestic, rough, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, fast, active, bright, joyful.

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