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When we hear the word "circus", we immediately remember childhood. It is associated with a round arena, a dome and sawdust on the arena. The lobby has its own special smell, and during the intermission you can enjoy ice cream.

However, around the world, the circus is perceived very differently. And the circus, which we know today, was born in ancient Rome.

From there, the word Circus appeared, which meant not only a figure without corners, but also a place for entertainment events. In ancient times, the circus was decorated with various works of art, being a secular place. Only, initially, gladiator fights and horse races were held there, which has little in common with the current circus.

Much time has passed since then, it has changed significantly. Now the circus is becoming not so much entertainment as a kind of art. And the most famous and best circuses in the world give unforgettable performances that you will not see anywhere else.

Cirque du Soleil. Canada's Circus of the Sun is definitely number one on this list. This is already a whole international corporation, which is also rapidly developing. The circus has spread its tentacles across all five continents. This circus is already 25 years old, the age for such an institution is infancy, and how much has already been achieved. It all started when a group of Quebec street artists decided to create their own show. Since then, the circus has become famous throughout the world. Today it is a whole empire of entertainment, powerful and influential, which is based on the circus performance. Today the capitalization of Cirque du Soleil has already exceeded one billion dollars. The circus has its own creative center in Montreal, with administrative offices in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and London. About "Du Soleil" they say that he gave a second life to circus art. This theater has received many awards for its performances, and the recording of the show was even awarded an Emmy. All projects of this circus are a mixture of Eastern and Western art. Gymnasts have incredible plasticity, which allows them to do dizzying tricks. Live music is played in the circus, and the special effects are truly enchanting. The performances are accompanied by an unthinkable combination of sounds and light, and the skill of the artists lies on the verge of human capabilities. The action flows from one plot to another, something constantly moves on the stage, sparkles and shimmers with all colors. The scenery and costumes are also amazing. Every year, 20 kilometers of fabric is spent on making new outfits for actors. About 100 people participate in each performance. The composition of the troupe itself is international (artists represent 40 countries), and they select only the very best and pay them a befitting high status. A peculiarity of the circus is the complete absence of trained animals there. The entrance ticket for the show starts from 40 euros.

Chinese State Circus. This circus does not seek to be like someone else - here tradition is held in high esteem. According to it, the costumes, make-up, the order of the bales in the room are sustained. The presentation itself is rather modest and unassuming, which corresponds to the national culture. This originality has been developed through the creativity of many generations. It was China that gave the world the art of circus. If "Du Soleil" is only a quarter of a century, then the local circus is already about four thousand years old. It is rightfully considered one of the most distinctive in the world. Even the decorations are set up in accordance with the principles of feng shui. There are no magicians, clowns, animal trainers here at all. But the star troupe includes the world's best gymnasts, acrobats, jugglers and equilibrists. Almost all the actors are young, they are not yet 25 years old. Their skill level is fantastically high. After all, they are selected here on a competitive basis at the age of three, and then they train daily. Each circus performance is a whole philosophical treatise, which is told using the language of signs, symbols and allegories. The artists perform filigree stunts, which is not surprising, knowing that some of them represent the Shaolin monastery. The performances of the Chinese State Circus have been awarded the highest awards in this area - the Golden Lion and Golden Clown. For the right to get here you will have to pay about 30 euros. They say about this circus that its main difference from the western one is that there adults entertain children, but here it is vice versa.

Jim Rose Circus. In this place, the viewer finds himself in an unusual world, where strange and amazing creatures work miracles. Jim Rose himself, who gathered around him the same enthusiasts, said that he is literally in seventh heaven with happiness when he has to swallow razors and glass at performances, pierce his body and pass an electric current through himself. Such a circus is shocking and even disgusting to many. Nevertheless, we must admit that few people can show the dark sides of the human person so cheerfully and honestly. Jim Rose's shows are not for the faint of heart. Only outright punks are crazy about him. But untrained spectators in this circus often lose consciousness. It remains a mystery where Jim finds artists like him for his crazy performances. So, the King of Torture nails his own feet to the floor, and Bebe the Queen climbs up the stairs of sharp swords. In the arena, transvestite wrestlers crunch each other's joints, and the ground shakes from the steps of bearded women sumo wrestlers. The mystery man, abundantly covered with tattoos and growing horns, chews and swallows glasses, and Mister Knife juggles with working chainsaws.

Ringling and Barnum Brothers Circus with Bailey. This circus exists in America. Like everyone else in this country, he decided to amaze his audience with scale and variety. Even the name itself contains as many as 7 names! The first belongs to the five Ringling brothers, self-taught circus performers who lived in the late 19th century. They were able to become successful, first in their own show, and then in running a circus. This allowed the family to buy out the large and famous Barnum and Bailey circus, which was the beginning of a new show. Today, the administration of the circus offers a unique show, during which spectators simultaneously watch seven attractions, which are shown on four platforms and three arenas. A ticket to this circus costs up to $ 40; for this money, full immersion in the world of the circus is offered. Spectators can come in advance and watch how the artists put on makeup, they can even pet the trained animals.

Paradise show from the Middle Kingdom. The audience watches the performances of the circus artists with bated breath. You can't hear the rustle of chocolate wrappers and the rustle of popcorn here. Many circus performers are titled athletes who have won medals in various competitions not only in China but also abroad. Here acrobats, fragile boys and girls, as well as dexterous jugglers show their skills. Luxurious costumes are also striking, making the rooms really bright. The whole show is imbued with the spirit of the East. The organizers tried to make each number as elegant, but at the same time as complex as a Chinese box. The circus troupe is considered one of the oldest in the world, it includes 100 artists. The program offered to the viewer is fabulously beautiful, it shows how unique the capabilities of the human body are. And they were discovered and stored for centuries in China. Paradise Show is based in Zhejiang Province. The circus won the Golden Prize of the International Festival of Acrobats in Florence in 2004, and in 2005 in Italy it won the Presidential and Gold Prizes.

The Great Moscow Circus on Vernadsky Avenue. Circus art is loved in Russia, and local artists have always been talented. In the Bolshoi Moscow Circus, performances are held in five changeable arenas at once: equestrian, light, ice, water and illusion arenas. They are at a depth of 18 meters, and a special mechanism sets them in motion. Each show here is unique and unusual in its own way. In one of the performances, viewers see the world's only circus act with trained hedgehogs. Here they were taught to take off into the air and land on a balloon, climb over the bars of the fence and even drag a cart with flowers. Particular attention in this circus is paid to numbers with trained animals. Pigeon artists, parodist chimpanzees, bears and huskies perform here. How can this leave someone indifferent? The glory of this circus was brought by adherence to classical principles and monumentality. Such famous clowns as Yuri Nikulin, Oleg Popov, Karandash performed on its stage. They made the whole audience laugh in one burst. Each performance showcases a variety of genres. Tightrope walkers, trapeze artists, dexterous riders and equilibrists make your heart swoon with delight. The circus on Vernadsky Avenue was built back in 1971, and is still the largest in the world. In it, 3328 spectators can follow the performance at once. A ticket here costs from 5 to 30 euros.

Australian circus "Oz". This circus is famous all over the world. For more than 30 years he has been touring the world, showing amazing show programs in different countries. All of them have their own Australian style, so it is simply impossible to confuse "Oz" with any other circus. And he was born in 1978 in Melbourne. During this time, the circus has traveled a lot around the world, having managed to win the hearts of spectators in their homeland. Graceful performances are full of entertainment and wit, they were watched in 26 countries of the world on 5 continents. This circus is primarily a show in which animals are completely denied participation. But people demonstrate their agility for 2 hours in the arena. In their incredible tricks, they seem to defy death. Acrobatic performances are replaced by funny comedy numbers, and the entire arena is constantly filled with the sounds of live music. The founders of this circus loved classical technique, but deliberately went to create a completely new style, more understandable to the modern public. This is how performances appeared in which rock and roll, satire and theater found their place. The show was supposed to be funny, entertaining and somewhat daring. While the troupe is usually presented as an ordinary organized group, the Australians have tried to present the artists as skillful and experienced individuals. And the circus did not take itself seriously at first. A tent for a big top was sewn with his own hands, on the basis of a collection of old vans and trucks "Oz" set off to conquer the country and the world. In Australia, he quickly became popular, bringing a fresh and unusual stream to the circus world. A few years later, "Oz" went on tour abroad, visiting New Guinea and Europe. I must say that for many years the company has been engaged in social justice issues, supporting many charitable foundations and indigenous peoples. The circus spends about $ 250,000 annually on helping refugees.

Circus Circus. Under this name there is a famous casino, and part-time and a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is one of the largest entertainment complexes in the world capital of gambling. It belongs to the gambling corporation MGM Mirage. The hotel has 3774 rooms, and the casino area is almost 10 thousand square meters. But an important attraction for guests here is the circus, which is clear from the name of the complex itself. Circus performances are shown at the casino all day for free. Every hour a new show starts, which really only lasts about 10 minutes. And the complex opened in 1968, becoming the main casino of Circus Circus Enterprises. In 1997, the former standard American circus uniform was replaced by a Canadian-French one, in the style of the "Theater of the Sun". At the same time, the complex expanded to include a 35-storey tower. Another attraction of Circus Circus is Adventuredome theme park. Its area is twice that of a casino. The park is covered with a pink glass dome and is connected to the hotel. Here guests of the establishment can have fun with 16 rides, roller coasters, climbing walls, and a mini golf course.

Circus "Big Apple". This famous American show was created by jugglers Paul Binder and Michael Christensen. For more than a quarter of a century, this circus has been pleasing its admirers with traditional and very high-quality performances. In New York, respectable and important citizens consider it their duty to visit here a couple of times a year to show a new program. The troupe brings together the best artists from all over the world, with a lot of Russians. The clown Valery Serebryakov stands out, and trained dogs and tigers work well in the arena. But the circus "Big Apple" is not famous for them. His distinguished reputation is based on his participation in a large number of charitable events. The circus is fundamentally not involved in the pursuit of profit. The price for tickets here never exceeded $ 70. And participation in the charity began in the 80s, when the director of the circus, Michael Christensen, organized an Ambulance for Clowns. The artists gave performances to sick children for free, visiting them. The doctors found that after such visits, the children recovered noticeably faster. It is not surprising that the artists of this circus see their mission much wider than their colleagues. They ensure that going to their show replaces the preventive vaccine, not against the flu, but against boredom, stress and stereotypes.

Snow show of Slava Polunin. The profession of a clown is undeservedly forgotten. The modern circus focuses on spectacle and technique. But sincerity often goes away. Slava Polunin's snow show invites you to return to the world of childhood. The clown opens the eyes of the audience to themselves. Polunin is a holiday man who from the stage makes one throw off the shackles, envy and falsehood. From 2 to 10 clowns take part in the performance, the author himself does not set a rigid framework. This show consists of several miniatures. In them you can meet touching and funny Asishai, in a yellow jumpsuit and red slippers. This gentle and thoughtful character has absorbed the poetic sadness of clowns, their refined philosophicality, as well as humanity and touchingness. The performance is largely based on improvisation, because freedom is the main thing for a clown. He needs to be constantly sincere and in contact with the viewer. It is not surprising that the "Snow Show" successfully toured all over the world, having won many awards and prizes. Many people call Polunin the best clown in the world.

Fratellini Brothers Circus (France). Speaking about the best champagne in the world, they call it “Veuve Clicquot”, the best costumes in the world are made by “Brioni”, but the best clowns in the world are associated with the Fratellini brothers' circus. Their name has already become a brand that means subtle and funny clownery. Their performances became real classics, talentedly directed, kind, wise and funny. The main characters in the circus are clowns. It is they who make the audience laugh to tears. The circus itself successfully carries European traditions. Aerial gymnasts, equilibrists and trained animals also perform here. The daughter of one of the founders of the circus, Annie, also became a famous French clown. She founded the Fratellini school, known throughout the world. The most famous e graduate was Vincent Cassel. And the brothers' stellar career began in Russia about a hundred years ago.Fellini dedicated his film "Clowns" to them, Slava Polunin staged his show about them, and Henry Miller mentioned the brothers in "Tropic of Capricorn". A ticket for children costs 5 euros, but adults will have to fork out.

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