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Today tourists are taken not only to museums, but also to cemeteries. Quiet cemeteries have been chosen by locals, and curious tourists also come here.

After burying his loved ones, a person often tries to decorate the final resting place. The most beautiful cemeteries will be discussed below.

Grand Jas, Cannes, France. Cannes is famous not only for its film festival, but also for its cemetery. It is located in the northwest of the city and is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The very design of the churchyard is unusual here. The burials are located in terraces on the hillside. As a result, the cemetery is valued not only as a sculpture museum, but also as a landscape design monument. Many famous personalities are buried here, it is worth mentioning the names of the writer Prosper Merimee, the pilot Nikolai Popov, the ballerina Olga Khokhlova (the first wife of Pablo Picasso) and the jeweler Carl Faberge.

Kensal Green, London, UK. This cemetery appeared on the city maps in the 30s of the XIX century. It was considered advanced at that time. After all, earlier in London, it was customary to bury people in small graveyards, which as a result became overcrowded. But at the new cemetery, the relatives of the deceased were asked to rest the body in the ground, in the catacombs or in the family crypts. The new necropolis quickly gained popularity. Ultimately, people from the most noble families began to be buried there. Even 12 members of the royal family are buried in the Kensal Green cemetery. Among other famous people who have found eternal peace here, it is worth mentioning Freddie Mercury, William Thackeray, writer Main Reed and Archpriest Yakov Smirnov. The cultural significance of the cemetery is evidenced by at least the fact that excursions are constantly held in its catacombs.

Monumental, Milan, Italy. There are two huge cemeteries in this Italian city. The largest of these, Maggiore, has relatively modest graves. Another thing is Monumental. Here most of the gravestones are decorated with sculptures and even whole compositions with their participation. The cemetery has a large number of rich and even pompous crypts, which seem to compete with each other in beauty, luxury and originality. It is absolutely clear that the monumental cemetery has been the resting place of the most famous musicians, artists and writers for a century and a half. It is here that the first lady of Argentina Eva Duarta de Peron, pianist Vladimir Horowitz, writer Alessandro Manzoni and other famous characters are buried.

Staglieno, Genoa, Italy. On a hillside in Genoa, there is a beautiful cemetery. It is known not so much for the celebrities buried there, but for the stylish sculptural tombstones. Many famous masters worked on them, one can recall Eduardo Alfieri or Giulio Montverde. A necropolis appeared here at the beginning of the 19th century. The emperor Napoleon, who seized Italy, issued a decree according to which it was now forbidden to bury people in the church. A new large cemetery was designed specifically for these purposes in Genoa.

Cemetery of St. Mark, Vienna, Austria. The cemetery, opened in 1784, has only functioned for 90 years. Initially, this place was located outside the city limits. The poor were buried there, dumping them into mass graves for 5 people. Along with the beggars, the famous composer Mozart was buried here, while the exact place of his resting place remained unknown. But Vienna grew rapidly, the churchyard was within the city limits. People of more noble classes began to be buried in the cemetery of St. Mark. Today the ancient necropolis bears little resemblance to a cemetery in the traditional sense. It is more of an old shady garden in which the tombstones are overgrown with moss. It is recommended to walk at the cemetery of St. Mark on a summer day and think about the eternal in the coolness. And the Central Cemetery in Vienna is also considered an excellent place for such walks.

Fluntern, Zurich, Switzerland. The prestigious Fluntern cemetery is located on a high mountain above Zurich. There are many unusual and expensive tombstones here. Under one of them lies the chemist Leopold Ruzhechka, under the other - the President of Switzerland, Albert Meyer. Several Nobel laureates are also buried here. But tourists are most interested in the grave of the Irish writer James Joyce. He spent a significant part of his life in Switzerland, where he created his main work - the novel "Ulysses".

Mirogoj, Zagreb, Croatia. All Croatian celebrities, regardless of religion, whether they were Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Orthodox, atheists or Jews during their lifetime, are buried here. The Mirogoy cemetery is considered the most beautiful in the country, and it opened in 1876. For him, the Austrian architect Hermann Bole decided to make a necropolis in the neo-Renaissance style. Several shady alleys were laid out in the cemetery, and the park of memory was also decorated with two long and ivy-covered arcades. Today Mirogoj is a landmark of Zagreb. Every year thousands of city guests come to see this cemetery.

Baikovo cemetery, Kiev, Ukraine. This cemetery is the most beautiful in the capital of Ukraine. Initially, it was created specifically for the burial of Lutherans and Catholics, but over time there was a place for the Orthodox. And after the Great Patriotic War, the Baikovo cemetery became a kind of necropolis for prominent residents of Kiev. Poetess Lesya Ukrainka, aircraft designer Oleg Antonov, heart surgeon Nikolai Amosov and singer Boris Gmyrya are buried here. Remained on the churchyard and about 20 crypts of pre-revolutionary construction. Only all of them have already been plundered, becoming a haven for the homeless.

Volkovskoe cemetery, St. Petersburg, Russia. In the northern capital of Russia, the Volkovskoye cemetery was created about two hundred and fifty years ago. In the middle of the nineteenth century, prominent scientists, writers, artists and musicians began to be buried there. Such famous personalities as writers Ivan Goncharov and Ivan Turgenev, Nikolai Leskov and Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin Nikolai Dobrolyubov and Vissarion Belinsky, scientists Dmitry Mendeleev and Ivan Pavlov are buried in the cemetery. I must say that the churchyard is still in operation. At the same time, modern tombstones amaze with their luxury and imagination of sculptors. Recently, they say that it is in this cemetery that Lenin's body should be buried. The explanation is simple - the necropolis became the last home for his mother and sister.

Mtatsminda, Tbilisi, Georgia. Among the city attractions of Tbilisi, it is difficult not to pay attention to this memorial cemetery. The most famous burial place here, as well as the most famous, is the grave of Alexander Griboyedov. He was killed in Iran, but buried in Tbilisi. His beloved wife, Nina Chavchadze, who has outlived her husband for several decades, rests next to him. Especially for the centenary of the great Russian writer and diplomat in 1929, a memorial pantheon was opened on the slope of Mount Mtatsminda around the Church of St. David. Famous Georgian writers, scientists and artists began to be buried there.

Lychakiv cemetery, Lviv, Ukraine. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in the country, and since 1991 it has received the status of a museum-reserve. It was founded in the 16th century, and the oldest surviving tombstone is dated 1786. The necropolis has about three thousand monuments, gravestones and crypts. Architects and sculptors have created true masterpieces of sorrow. Among the famous personalities buried here, it should be noted Ivan Franko, Salome Krushelnitskaya, Stanislav Lyudkevich. It is noteworthy that the cemetery, which for a long time together with the city was part of the territory of Catholic Poland, became the last home for many Poles. They still come here to visit their relatives.

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