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What's a name ?! It turns out this is not just a word in the vocabulary of any language. This is a certain image constructed from sounds in a special way. Hearing it, the human body responds by developing a special kind of vibration.

The task of the parents is to choose a name for the newborn that is as appropriate as possible to its character. Astrology can offer help in this regard.

A horoscope compiled by date, time and place of birth will most fully determine the character of a person in the first few days of life. And choosing beautiful names is thus easier and more accurate, because the vibration from the pronunciation of your name by those around the body must necessarily feel as comfortable as possible. The name should resonate with the internal or astrological orientation of a person's character, and not obscure it with its brightness and unusualness.

If the name corresponds to the character of the person, then it is pleasant to the ear and beautifully pronounced for its owner. If you don't like the name, it means that on a subconscious level its owner is experiencing a certain kind of discomfort.

Such a correspondence between the name and character of a person is part of a beautiful name. Agree how a name can be called beautiful for a thin, graceful, somewhat weak and transparent girl like Martha or Stepanida.

Another aspect of the beauty of the name is, undoubtedly, the modernity of the name. Nowadays it is becoming fashionable to call children with old Russian names. But we should not forget that the language of the ancient Slavs and the modern is somewhat different.

The modern language is softer and more poetic, when the ancient language (on which the Bible and the calendar (saints) are written, which is the source of old Russian names), is somewhat rude or archaic for the thin ear of a modern person. It should also be noted that in the church (Old Russian) calendars there are 900 male names, and only 250 female names, that is, choosing a female name is more difficult than a male one.

In addition to the modernity of the name, there is a fact of the influence of the name on the fate of a person. More than one teaching has been created about this and more than one regularity has been proven. Today, studies in this area are based mainly on comparing the fates of famous people with the same name.

But the fact that there is a certain component not identified (unconscious) by modern researchers of names that influences the owner of the latter is indisputable. There are three main theories about the influence of a name on a person's fate, namely: a) social, b) emotional, c) sound.

There is a separate section of philology - anthroponymy, which deals with the complex study of everything related to the name. The postulates and evidence in this science can largely help parents choose a beautiful and unique name for their child, no worse than astrology, the postulates of which are somewhat vague.

Marina Tsvetaeva wrote about the name:

Your name is a bird in your hand
Your name is a piece of ice on your tongue.
One single lip movement ...

The ball caught on the fly
Silver bell in the mouth ...

It turns out that the effect of a name on a person's character can be one-sided or multifaceted. This difference in influence is determined by the number of abbreviations allowed for a given name.

A beautiful name should be euphonious, that is, it should be easy to pronounce and be pleasant to the ear. It is noted that not only the name as a whole has an impact on a person, but also each letter separately. The euphony or beauty of a name arises when the letters of the name complement each other.

Names where letters confront or absorb each other sound muffled or unclear. So the fate of the owner turns out to be not entirely open and understandable, which means it is somewhat complicated and difficult. The influence of each letter is naturally different. The first letter has the greatest impact on the owner. Next comes the repeating letter, and so on.

In this regard, the names borrowed from the languages ​​of other peoples are hard to take root. German strict, hysterical, English - lingering. They are especially abhorrent to the Russian ear, so these names have to undergo some adaptation, after which, most often, they are slightly modified.

The name is also associated with a particular color of the rainbow. Names are perceived differently by different people. But it was revealed that the name Tatiana is characterized by a red spectrum of light, Elena - blue.

It is not difficult to draw a parallel with the color and psychological state of a person, and connect it with a name. Dr. Higgier claims that the name Tatiana is characteristic of domineering, somewhat merciless natures, which is confirmed by the group of colors in the red spectrum, Elena, on the contrary, is the personification of softness, warmth and comfort.

But this is not only character - it is also an indication of the atmosphere in which a child grows up with one name or another. It turns out that Tatiana grows up in an atmosphere of caution and some aggression from others, and Elena, on the contrary, in warmth, kindness and gentleness.

Here is another fact of the need to choose a name that is euphonious and pleasant in all respects. All these properties include the concept of a beautiful name.

Parents should be careful and responsible when choosing a child's name. If you choose a name that is beautiful, sonorous and pleasant for those around you, then the child will cause only positive emotions in people. How will you ensure the calm, and most importantly versatile comfortable development of your child without your participation.

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