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Amokstli - book
Atl - water
Ahuiliztli - joy
Achkokhtli - leader

Zipactonal - harmonic, light
Zolin - quail

Ikkokhtli - younger brother
Iknoyotl - friendship
Ixtley - face
Ilhikamina - shooting arrows into the sky
Ilhuitl - day
Iolotli - heartfelt
Iolyamanitsin is an attentive person
Itotia - dance
Iwitl - feather
Ihuicatl - the sky
Itztli - obsidian (knife)
Ichtaka - secret

Quetzolcoatl - Decorated Snake
Kipaktli - crocodile
Kitlali is a star
Couatl - snake
Coyote - Coyote Wolf
Xikohtenkatl - angry bumblebee
Xipilus - great fire
Xipilli - the bejeweled prince
Xiuhcoatl - Fire Serpent or Weapon of Destruction
Xihuittl - year or comet
Xochipep - the flower collector
Xochipilli - the flower prince
Kuetlachtli - wolf
Kuezpolli - lizard
Quickstley - the kite
Qually is good
Kuohtemok - falling eagle
Kuohtli - eagle

Mazatl - deer
Manoia - Protecting
Matlal - dark green
Matlalihuitl - blue - green feather
Mahuizoh is a magnificent person
Meztli - lunar
Mecatl - rope
Miktlantekahtli - Aztec name of the god of the underworld
Milintika - blazing fire
Moyolehuani - enchanted
Momoztli - altar

Namuix is ​​the king
Nahuatl - four waters
Nezahualpilli - the starving prince
Nezahualkoyotl - starving coyote
Necollie - battle
Necuametl is the king
Nelly is true
Nopalcin - cactus, king
Nochehuatl - consistent
Nochtli - prickly pear fruits

Ollin - movement
Ohtley - road

Patli - medicine

Tezcacoatl - snake reflection, king
Tenok - Mexican cactus
Teoxywhite - turquoise or precious and divine
Tepilzin is a privileged son
Tlazopilli - precious, noble
Tlazohtlaloni - the one who is loved
Tlakaelel is a diligent man
Tlaloc - earth
Tlanexic - the light of dawn
Tlachinolli - fire
Tleiklel is the biggest male hero
Tleinkstly - shine, shine, majesty
Tlexiktli - center of fire
Tlilpotonkui - decorated with black
Toltecatl - artist
Tohnoak - possessing light
Tototl - bird
Tochtli - rabbit

Ueman - ancient times
Uetzkayotl - the essence of light

Huemak - unknown
Huitsilihuitl - hummingbird feather
Huitsilli - hummingbird

Chickahua is strong
Chimolli - shield
Chipahua - clean

Eztley - Blood
Eleuia - desire
Etalpolli - wing
Ehecatl - kite

Yaotl - war or warrior
Yayauhkui - black smoking mirror



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