Aztec female names

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Amokstli - book
Atl - water
Ahuiliztli - joy
Achkokhtli - leader

Zeltsin - thin
Zianya - always, forever

Isel is unique
Iknoyotl - friendship
Ixskacin - like cotton
Ixtley - face
Ixchel - goddess of the earth, moon, and medicine, means lady of the rainbow
Ilhuitl - day
Iolihuani - the source of life
Ioloxochitl - flower of the heart
Iolotli - heart
Iolcin - little heart
Iolyamanitsin is an attentive person
Itotia - dance
Iwitl - feather
Ihuicatl - the sky
Ichtaka - secret

Quetzalxochitl - precious flower, queen
Kitlali is a star
Kitlalmina - comet, meteorite, the greatest of female heroes
Kihuaton is a little woman
Coaxok - colorful snake
Kozamalotl - rainbow
Cozzcutl - a gem
Xyloxok - hookahndra flower
Xipilus - great fire
Xiuhcoatl - fire serpent or weapon of destruction, precious light
Xihuittl - year or comet
Xoko is the youngest sister
Xokoyotl is the youngest child
Xochiiotl - the heart of a delicate flower
Ksochiketzal - goddess of love, flowers and song, flower feather
Xochikocin - a small necklace of flowers
Xochitl - flower
Cuicathle - song
Qually is good

Malinalxochitl - herbaceous flower
Manoia - Protector
Mahuizoh is a magnificent person
Meztli - lunar
Mecatl - rope
Mizquixoal - face painted with mesquite wood
Miyaoaxochitl - pale yellow tassel of a flower
Moyolehuani - charming
Momoztli - altar

Nahuatl language - four waters
Necahual - survivor
Nelly is true
Nenetl - doll
Noxochicosetli - a necklace of flowers
Nochtli - prickly pear fruits

Ohtley - road

Papan - flag
Patli - medicine

Sucknight - female white flower
Sintehua is the only one

Teikuyh - female younger sister
Tenok - Mexican cactus
Teoxywhite - turquoise or precious and divine
Tepin - baby
Teuikui is the younger sister
Teyakapan - Firstborn
Tlazohtsin - favorite
Tlaco - medium
Tlacoehua - middle
Tlacotl - willow twig
Tlachinolli - fire
Tleinkstly - shine, shine, majesty
Tlexiktli - center of fire
Tlolly - earthly
Toltecatl - artist
Tonalnan - mother of light

Chickahua is strong
Chipahua - clean
Cholkhiwitl - emerald
Cholkhiukthiku - goddess of water and rivers, witch

Eztley - Blood
Eleuia - desired
Eloxochitl - magnolia
Etalpolli - wing

Yaotl - war, militant
Yayauhkui - black smoking mirror

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