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Meaning of the name

Aziza translated from Arabic means "powerful", "wearer of God".


In early childhood, a very restless girl, difficult to influence. Raising her is not easy even at school age. She is a leader among peers, does not give the boys a descent. Brave and determined.

Susceptible to pharyngitis. Aziza's nervous system is unbalanced. You should pay attention to this, in the future there may be nervous breakdowns.

Aziza is undisciplined and does not know how to calculate her time and energy. Often takes on backbreaking work, then halfway through the job.

Born in winter, very stubborn, inherits her father's character. She dreams of a knight who will win her heart. However, disappointments lie in wait for her at every turn. She is a dreamer and cannot come to terms with the fact that real life is different from her ideals.

Aziza is careless in the water, you should look after her in childhood, and gently warn her in an older age.

Aziza prefers to have male friends who hover around her. She attracts representatives of the stronger sex with a softer character than herself.

She has a good memory, she quickly grasps everything. She does not like to repeat the same thing several times, it annoys her. Does not tolerate phlegmatic, slow people. Everything is on fire in her hands, and she does not understand how one can be different.

Aziza, born in autumn, especially the "November" one, is too cautious, reasonable and calculating. She will ask for advice from several people, will compare opinions, analyze, but in the end she will do what suits her. She is disinterested, willingly does a favor if she knows that it will benefit her. Otherwise, it will hesitate for a long time: is it worth burdening yourself.

Aziza, born in summer, is impatient, can interrupt the interlocutor in conversation, finish the thought for him, but not always successfully. Such communication complicates her life, so many avoid discussions with Aziza, neglecting her opinion.

Born in spring has exquisite taste. He is well versed in modeling clothes, interior design, cooking. For whatever she undertakes, she succeeds in everything. She is musical, sings well, dances. He is fond of painting, architecture. Knows history well.

Aziza has great intellectual potential, strives to develop and hone it. Likes to travel, easily meets people.

Born in August does not get along with her mother, is hot-tempered, cannot find a common language with her. However, Aziza is kind and loves her mother very much, and because of the lack of understanding with her, she suffers a lot.

Aziza is clean, there is not a speck of dust in her house. He loves beautiful dishes, knows how to furnish an apartment. She drives a car herself.

When Aziza flares up, it is not safe to reason with her. But a minute later she walks away and laughs at her intemperance herself. She will not reproach herself.


She likes men, loves to fall in love, she cannot imagine life without a thrill of love. For a long time he remembers his first love, idealizing it and enveloping it in a halo of romance, which, perhaps, did not exist.

She loves to act out a love drama, asserting herself in the big world with love and trying to make sure of her power over her partner. Before entering into a relationship with a man, she needs to fall in love, with him or the image created by her imagination.

Aziza is able to captivate a man, talentedly adapting to him. She expresses her feelings to the man directly and herself really needs words: it is not enough for her to feel that she is loved, she, like air, needs to be constantly told about it. In a relationship with a man, she values ​​his reliability; in love, she needs to feel security and peace.

Sometimes she wants to be alone, to sort out her feelings, in such cases it is better for a man not to disturb her.

Aziza's ideal partner is a patient man who does not insist in a sexual relationship that she does not like.


Orange and scarlet.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Fish, Cancer, Taurus.


The sound of Aziz's name gives the impression of something complex, rough, heavy, strong, hot, brave, mighty, big.

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