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Meaning of the name

Arina translated from Greek means "peace".


Since early childhood, Arina loves to lead and command. But she does not try to completely subjugate other children. She is a kind girl, cheerful, she gladly helps her mother around the house, willingly looks after her younger brothers or sisters, and at school she is often a counselor for the younger ones. Arina is a very capable girl, she learns easily and willingly.

Adult Arina is a responsible woman, aware of all her actions. A woman with this name has organizational skills, she is a good leader, although sometimes she abuses her power. This is a reliable employee. Arina is capable, hardworking, persistent. This woman easily achieves her goal.

Arina is often a business woman, she tries to make a career and achieves it. Arina is respected by her colleagues. She often becomes an educator, teaches at school, or works as a kindergarten teacher. Arina reads a lot, especially the classics, but she also loves modern literature. She enjoys going to the cinema and theater, especially she likes ballet. Often this woman dances well herself.

Arina is beautiful, loves to dress fashionably, has success with men; women with this name always have a lot of fans. She is fickle in her affections, today with one man, tomorrow with another, but by getting married, Arina becomes a faithful wife. She is an excellent housewife, cooks well, and is economical. The family life of this woman is usually successful.

Born in winter, Arina is a modest, calm woman, she knits and sews well. She likes to receive guests, but she herself is a homebody, does not like to go anywhere. He even spends his vacation at home. She is not that beautiful, but pretty, charming and knows how to hold on. This woman is successful with men. But she is not looking for just partners for herself, Arina seeks to get married, have children.

Arina, born in spring, is shy, insecure. She is not very sociable, but loves to spend her free time with close friends. This Arina is very shy with men. Often, after meeting, he worries, begins to doubt whether it was necessary to give the phone. But this is a faithful wife and a wonderful mother.

Summer Arina is brave, decisive, persistent, witty and sociable, well versed in people, it is difficult to deceive her. This Arina is smart and diplomatic. In relationships with men, she often takes the initiative, but does not particularly try to lead them, if she needs something, achieves by roundabout ways, never goes ahead.

Women with this name are somewhat closed and on their own mind. They seem to be simpletons, which, however, is far from reality. They have amazing intuition, they can instantly grasp the background of any business, but their reaction is a little slow.

They never rely on anyone - only on their hard work, perseverance and mastery. They never act at random without first finding out everything. They gladly accept guests, but they do not like to make visits themselves, preferring a cozy family atmosphere. They love sweets.


In relationships with men, Arina is coldish and, as it were, a little inhibited. She usually keeps a man at a distance for a long time, not allowing even to kiss herself, let alone a closer relationship. Only after a very long acquaintance, Arina agrees to enter into an intimate relationship.

But her partner should be very attentive and careful with her, because any little thing can unbalance and interfere with Arina. This woman needs an atmosphere of tenderness, security, comfort, love. Moreover, she appreciates love much more than sex.

For Arina, there is only one man and she is usually loyal to him. A woman with this name goes through a betrayal of her husband or partner very hard and never forgives. She immediately breaks up the relationship. Arina does not make scenes, does not cry or throw hysterics, she just leaves, but then avoids men for a long time.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Capricorn, Leo, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Arina gives the impression of something good, simple, majestic, loud, brave, powerful, big, active, bright, joyful.

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