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Aban is an old Arabic name
Abbas - stern
Abdeljaffar - slave of the All-Forgiving
Abdelkarim, Abdelkerim - slave of the Magnanimous
Abdullah is a slave of God, a slave of God
Abdulaziz, Abdelaziz - Precious's slave
Abdulazym is a slave of the Great
Abdulalim - the slave of the Omniscient
Abdulbari - the Creator's slave
Abdulvahid - slave of the One
Abudgafar - slave of the All-Forgiving
Abduljalil is a slave of the Majestic
Abdulkadir, Abdelkader - slave of the Almighty
Abdulkarim - slave of the Generous
Abdulkahar - slave of the Dominant
Abdulmajid - Slave of the Glorious
Abdulmalik - slave of the Lord (of the worlds)
Abdulmuthal - slave of the Supreme
Abdulmatin - slave of the Strong
Abdulfarid - slave of the Incomparable
Abdulfatah - Slave of the Opener
Abdulhak is the slave of the True One who sets
Abdulhadi - the slave of the Leading the right way
Abdulhakim - slave of the Wise
Abdulkhalik - the Creator's slave
Abdulhamid - Slave of the Worthy of All Praise
Abdunaser - slave of the Giver of help, victory
Abdurazzak - Slave of the Giver
Abdurrahim - Slave of the All-Merciful
Abdurrashid - slave of the Guide to the right path
Abdurrahman - Slave of the All-Merciful
Abdusalam - Slave of the Peacemaker
Abdusamad - slave of the Eternal
Abdutavwab - slave of the Receiving repose
Adil - fair
Aziz - dear
Akbar is the greatest
Aladdin - the height of (Divine) faith
Ali - tall (also in honor of the righteous Caliph Ali)
Alim - omniscient, scientist
Alisher - tiger Ali
Alabas, Abbas - harsh
Amin is faithful
Amir - ordering (also: prince, emir)
Arif is the boss.
Assad is a lion
Afdal - blessed, most worthy
Ahmad, Ahmed, Ahmet - the most glorious, worthy of praise
Ashraf is the noblest
Ayub Job - literally: persecuted

Battal the hero

Vali - patron saint
Wahid is one (one God!)

Gamal - beautiful
Ganius is rich
Hasan (form from Hasan) - beautiful
Ghafoor - Forgiving
Ghaffar - the all-forgiving
Husein (form from Hussein) - handsome

Daniel, Daniel - God is my judge
Daoud, Dawood, David - beloved
Demir (dialectal form of the name Timur, Temir) - iron
Jalil - majestic
Jamalutdin - the beauty of (Divine) faith
Jamal - beauty, beauty
Jamil - beautiful, beautiful
Jaukhar, Jokhar - a jewel
Juma is a day of prayer; literally: Friday

Zeid - adding, increasing
Ziyauddin - Radiance of (Divine) Faith
Ziyaulhakk - the shining of Truth

Ibrahim - prophet
Ikram - honor, respect
Ilyas - Ilya
Iman - faith (in God)
Insar - the winner
Isa Jesus - God will save
Islam - obedience (to God)
Ismail, Ishmael - heard by God (considered the progenitor of the Arabs)
Ishaq Isaac - laughing, laughing

Kabir - big
Kadir, Kader - mighty, almighty
Kazim - silent
Kamaleddin - Perfection of (Divine) Faith
Kamal, Kamil - perfection
Caribbean - relative, close person
Karim - generous, magnanimous
Qasim - separating, distributing

Maarif - famous
Mavlyud - born
Majid, Majid - glorious
Maqsud - desired
Malik - the wielder
Mansour - bestowed by victory, winner (part of the full title of Caliph)
Mahkam - strong
Mahmoud - the lauded
Mumin - a believer in one God
Murad - desired
Musa - child, son
Muslim - Submissive to the Will of God
Mustafa - the chosen one
Mutalib - plaintiff
Muhammad, Muhammad, Mohammed, Mohamed - praised (by God and people)
Mukhitdin - reviving faith
Mukhtar - the chosen one

Nabi - prophet
Najib - noble
Najmuddin - the star of (God's) faith
Nazar is visionary
Nazir - warning
Nazym - honest, incorruptible
Nazif - clean
Nasruddin - victory of (God's) faith
Nasyr - helping, deliverer
Nursultan - the light of the sultan
Nuruddin, Nureddin - the light of (Divine) faith

Omar, Umar - from words meaning "life"
Osman, Uthman - in honor of the righteous caliph

Glad - thunder
Raza - satisfaction
Rais - chief
Ramadan - by the name of the 9th month of the Muslim calendar, when there is fasting
Rasul - the messenger
Rauf - the merciful
Rafik - comrade, friend
Rakhat - rest, comfort
Rahim, Rahim - merciful, merciful
Rahman - merciful, merciful
Rashad - sane, good leadership
Rashid - Prudent (Fairly Managed)
Rizvan - satisfaction
Riyaz - meadows, gardens
Roshan - light

Sabir - patient
Saddam is the one who resists
Sadyk - sincere, truthful
Said - happy
Saidulla - my lord God
Sakhr - solid rock
Salavat - prayers
Salim, Selim - healthy
Salih - pious
Salman, Suleiman - peaceful, prosperous
Samir is a companion in the evening conversation
Sleigh - luxurious
Safar - by the name of the 2nd month of the Muslim calendar
Safir - Ambassador
Safiullah - Divine Purity
Seid, Side - lord, prince
Seydulla, Saidulla - my lord God
Sayyid - master
Seyfuddin Sword - (Divine) Faith
Seiful - the first part of compound Arabic names, meaning "sword"
Seyfulla - the sword of God
Suleiman, Solomon - peaceful, prosperous
Sultan - ruler

Tagir, Takhir - clean
Talib - demanding (also: student)

Ubaydullah, Beidullah - the little slave of Allah
Umar, Omar - from words meaning "life"

Faizullah - the valor of God
Farid is incomparable
Faisal - judge, sir

Habibullah - beloved by God
Hakim - sage
Khalil - beloved (by God)
Halim - the meek
Khalifa (male name) - Caliph
Hamid - Praiseworthy
Hamidullah - Worthy of the Praise of God
Hannah, Johanna - God has mercy
Harun is the name of the high priest
Hasan - handsome
Hassan is very handsome
Hafiz, Hafez - keeper
Hikmet - wisdom
Hussein - handsome

Shakur - grateful
Shamil - vast, all-encompassing
Shamsi - sunny
Shamsuddin - the sun of (Divine) faith
Sharafuddin - exalting faith, honoring faith
Sharif - noble (title of the descendants of the prophet)
Shihabuddin - stellar stream of (Divine) faith

Yunus, Jonah - a dove
Yusef, Joseph - he (God) will multiply, add

Yazid - increasing
Jakub - heel
Yaman - bad, not good
Yasin is one of the names of the Prophet


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