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Meaning of the name

This name probably came from the ancient Roman family name Anthony, which means "entering the battle". However, there are other versions as well. Translated from the Greek "an-ton" - the enemy, from the Latin - the competitor. This is a simple, large and good name. It has pronounced signs of masculinity and somewhat weaker - strength, power and grandeur.


Anton is a charming child. He retains his charm in adulthood. He is similar in character to his mother, but holds on to his father tightly, even if the parents are divorced. However, Anton all his life has been trying to treat both of them with great respect.

Very efficient. Hardworking. Master of his craft. Painful in early childhood. Reads a lot. Sexy, kind to women, but proud, sometimes very jealous and then uncontrollable. Loves to drink.

During his school years, Anton is lazy, he does his homework out of hand, but then he can change his attitude towards learning. It will still be difficult to get him to make his bed in the morning, but he will pursue his chosen science or specialty day and night.

In his youth, Anton is surrounded by many friends, but it is not easy to marry him. He takes this step exclusively independently and thoroughly thinking it over. Anton cannot be called an exemplary family man, he is not a homebody, but kindness and complaisance help him avoid conflicts in the family.

Antons are good workers, talented scientists. Cowardice is their only serious flaw, which they carefully hide.

This name is widespread not only in Russia, but also in Europe, it cannot be changed; if called Anton, then he is everywhere Anton.

It is easier for those born in winter. They are brave, cunning, persistent, calculating and diplomatic. They are good athletes and have "fighting" qualities.


Anton strives for ideal love, which he understands in a very peculiar way. He constantly calls his chosen one, bombards her with letters with outpourings of his feelings, but he himself lives his own life. By getting married, he tries to maintain sexual independence.

Anton resists new hobbies, fearing loss and suffering, he is always satisfied with a minimum of pleasure. He is not a stranger to experiences, and sometimes to frenzied passions, but hides them under the mask of icy indifference. And as a result, painful doubts, self-doubt visit him, and sexual breakdowns occur. Antons can live a lonely life, without love, but then open up to everything that they rejected, and surrender to it entirely.

For the Antonov extremes are characteristic: from the frenzy of love, self-denial to wild freedom, from bashfulness to unbridled licentiousness. Some of them remain bachelors, because they can either immediately accept a woman, or reject her once and for all.

Anton is too respectable for extramarital affairs, although he is capable of falling in love. He is always trying to achieve some balance between a romantic relationship with a woman and sexual attraction to her. He almost never emerges victorious from difficult intimate situations, and this brings him incalculable suffering. Only after forty years does he usually achieve the long-awaited well-being in his sexual life.

Anton is emotional, loves variety, from time to time he complicates his life with erotic adventures. He is attracted to women who are charming, with sexual experience. He is very active, and in sex his energy is overwhelming. In marriage, he tries not to be jealous, respects the independence of his wife. It happens that he makes great concessions, up to the renunciation of his own love, because above all he values ​​peace.

If he marries, it is necessary for love, but not without common sense. He is kind and warm, but proud enough not to let ill-wishers take advantage of his kindness.

Has an innate sense of justice. Jealous, but carefully hides it, is non-conflicting. Respects the spouse's independence, but must be fully confident in her loyalty. For the sake of peace in the family, he makes any concessions.

Sex is considered the best way to maintain good health, excellent creative state. Sex awakens creativity in him, releases energy for further activity.

Anton prepares for a long time and thoroughly for each intimate contact: decorates the apartment with flowers, buys various delicacies that he will need in between sexual acts. He is not very resourceful during lovemaking, but in between and in preludes to the act, he is unmatched. In bed, he is somewhat constrained. Only a loving woman can liberate him.

Anton receives the most complete sexual satisfaction with his "January" partner, but marriage with her is rarely successful.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Anton gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, majestic, courageous, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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