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Meaning of the name

Alexander in translation from Greek means "courageous protector" and was formed as a result of a combination of two Greek words, "alex" - which means protector and "andros" - which means man.


In childhood, Alexandra often get sick, but if adolescents begin to temper and exercise, then strong and persistent men grow out of them.

The Alexandras persist in pursuing their goal. They can become the head of the team and skillfully manage it, relying on the most capable people, entrusting them with the most difficult cases. They have a reputation for being fair people.

One of Alexanr's vulnerabilities is his weakness for wine. In a state of intoxication, they lose control over themselves, begin to brag and strive to get ahead of their partners at the feast. But some serious events in the life of relatives and friends can forever alienate Sasha from his passion for alcohol.

Alexander is usually smart, witty and sociable. Psychologically, an introvert tries to hide from reality in his inner world. He does not like very much when they try to influence him from a position of strength, he is often quick-tempered and impudent. He has extraordinary willpower and decisiveness, but in this decisiveness there is a grain of doubt and fear of the unknown, often unreasonably fearing failure.

Alexander is quite independent, but at the same time strives for a haven, needs a strong partner, which can be a mother or wife. Does not differ in good health, easily gets tired.

Tends to dream of love, not love. In relations with women, Alexander primarily seeks to be charming. You rarely meet such a friendly and charming man like Alexander. Sharing a hand, helping to put on a coat, buying a bouquet of flowers - it became a habit for him.

Alexander's main weapon is a compliment. No, Alexander does not play, he really believes in the sincerity of his compliments, as well as in the sincerity of his declarations of love. The trouble is that, having sworn to love forever, Alexander, after a while, with the same fervor and faith in the feeling that gripped him, will swear to another woman.


Alexander loves women very much, strives for them and values ​​himself. He believes that women themselves should achieve it. He directs a significant part of the energy into other channels. The habit of being everywhere and always first manifests itself in sex. The lust for domination and excessive vanity invariably carry him to the top. Unlike many others, he is not capable of emotional ups.

In a loved one, he can cause a feeling of powerlessness, because, despite a great desire, she is never able to master him completely. She tries again and again to lasso him, but each time to no avail. Loyalty doesn't matter much to him.

His wife, if she is on the same social level with him, enjoys the privileges of a queen who reigns but does not rule. The main duty of a woman is to be ready at his first call to meet him in bed.

Born in the spring, Alexander is loving, passionate, clearly separating love from sex. If he honors someone with his love, he usually causes strong feelings in his partner. His sex life is spontaneous, he does not like to plan his intimate relationships.

In marriage, he sees sex as a gift, a means to reward his wife for her loyalty and warmth. Often in his youth he has an unsuccessful romance, which he remembers all his life. He carefully selects a spouse for himself so that disappointment does not recur.

Born in the fall, Alexander, walking down the street, can instantly cast an appraising look on the women on the way, even if his wife is next to him. He is very affectionate and gentle and appreciates these qualities in his partner.

Alexander, born in winter, is hypersexual, especially if his middle name is Eduardovich, Borisovich, Yakovlevich. He needs a sexually liberated woman who does not accept any prohibitions, is devoid of prejudices. He is ready to satisfy her every desire, but he himself expects the same from her. Alexander is selective, he likes women with a sense of humor, he likes to laugh, joke in a good way, pry on his partner, does not take offense at her jokes.

Alexander is an experienced partner, fond of literature on sexual topics, trying to learn as much as possible new about intimate relationships. He is a good psychologist, trying to get to know a woman's character, her hobbies, habits better, so that later it is easier to communicate with her during intimacy. Alexander is a ladies' man, he likes to satisfy all the desires of a woman.

He knows that in this case he will receive much more from her than he will give her. He pays great attention to the study of the partner's erogenous zones, skillfully uses his knowledge. Inventive and even sophisticated in affection. However, she does not know how to be faithful, most often she meets with several women at the same time.

Born in the summer, Alexander is loving, physically strong, does not share sex and love. Very emotional. He is charming and easily defeats any beauty. In sexual relations, he is unpredictable, likes to surprise. In marriage, sees sex as a reward for the wife. Can marry repeatedly.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The word Alexander gives the impression of something good, beautiful, majestic, courageous, brave, active.

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