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Abuksigun is a risky venture
Abukchich - mouse
Avoneko - Leaning
Adehi - life in the woods
Amitola - rainbow
Antiman - Condor of the Sun
Antinenko - the eagle of the sun
Aponivi - where the wind blows out the gap
Arenk is a star
Askavkheteo - he keeps the clock
Askuk - snake
Atahailn - he interrupts
Ahiga - he fights
Ahoot - restless
Akhtehkekup - the blanket of the star
Ahenu - laughing
Achek - spirit
Ashkiy is a boy
Ayahuomat is the one who follows orders

Bidziel - he is strong
Bilegeena - white man

Wanbli Washte is a good eagle
Vemetin - brother
Weequay is the one who brings
Vikeninnis - alone in a canoe
Wippona - thin face
Viho is the main
Vijaya - ruler of the sun
Warrior - White Cow
Voisttitoev - white cow
Vokivokammest - white antelope
Vicasha - sage
Vohkinn - Roman nose
Wuy - the tall turkey vulture
Wayvichtoish - sits on a cloud
Vera - wind

Gad - Juniper Tree
Goyathlei - the one who yawns
Gudehee - there the coyote goes
Gahedge - Chief
Gaedzhii - raven

Demontin - negotiations as he goes

Iiska - the night is over
Isi - deer
Isteka - Coyote Man

Kangi - Raven
Kakannivi - small wolf
Cauessess - little child
Kwatoko is a bird with a large beak
Kwahu - eagle
Kesegowoz - fast
Kel - sparrow
Who is the secret
Keruk - bear
Kesteju - slave
Kizekochuk - the morning star
Kikela - small
Kichi is brave
Kozumi - fish for salmon with a spear
Kolichiyav - skunk
Kotori - the spirit of the screeching owl
Kohkehikumst - white crow or white antelope
Cohen - fast
Cocheta - white
Coectus is a poor man
Cuidel - burning torch
Cuena - fragrant
Catahekessa - black hoof
Kaleteka - the guardian of the people
Kaneonaskatyu - the one who walks on four claws
Kachada - white

Liz - salmon head rising above the water
Linen - flute
Leyati - Shaped Like an Abalone
Liwonu - the growl of a bear
Loney is the rain pouring down on the roof
Luta - red
Leloesika - he makes noise
Lance - spear
Lapu - cedar bark

McKee is a child
Makhk - bear
McHack - horned toad
Maskauquen is a hard needle
Mathoska - polar bear
Mathhotop - four bears
Medzhedejik - killing many
Melkedudum - conceited
Metereto - black teapot
Mizu - a slight wobble of a stream
Minninnew - whirlwind
Moki - deer
Mockney is a talking bird
Molimo - a bear walking in the shade
Mona is a smelly dope
Mongwo - owl
Mueta - wasps in the nest
Masa Blaska - flat iron
Mazichuwayo - gray deer
Makkapityu - he has big teeth
Mekya - eagle hunter
Matwo is the enemy
Matuneega - duel
Mahka - earth
Mahpie - Heaven
Machetechue - he has an evil heart
Machisive - he has a bad temper

Nakpena - evil
Nastas - curving like grass of a fox's tail
Niiol - the wind
Niiched - bloated
Nikskamich - grandfather
Nokou - forest
Nosh is the father
Noshi is the father
Nuto - fire
Newspapers - brave and strong
Nehayossi - has three fingers
Nähkomens - old bark
Nehuel - jaguar
Naelnish - hard-working

Ogelisha - wears a red shirt
Odekota is a friend
Okamwhoerst - yellow wolf
Okannouhurst - yellow wolf
Okeman - wild condor
Omonequ - feather of the cloud
Otoanecto - playing
Otoahhastis - tall bull
Otektey - killing many
Ohiteka - brave
Okhamgate - small wolf
Ohenzi - shadow

Beerwein - weasel
Povav - Priest
Pajacock - thunder
Pate - fire
Pennowo - he lies
Paehang is the lost white brother
Pachua - winged water snake

Routeg - fire

Syke - sitting at home
Saki - black
Sedhenham is lazy
Sewati - Bear's crooked claw
Sikis is a friend
Sikyatevo - yellow rabbit
Sikyahonou - yellow bear
Sichey - grandfather
Ska - white
Sowingwa - a deer with a black tail
Sunakkahko - crushing
Seni - old

Tecumseh - panther
The calves are a bear making dust
Tensquatoa - an open door
Thiis - triangular poplar
Titonka - negotiations
Tihkuzu - short
Togkuos is a twin
Tokela - fox
Tooantuh - spring frog
Toxopka is a wild animal
Tocho - puma
TC - rock
Tsiishchili - curly
Tupi - pulled
Tezunc - horse
Tatanka-ptekila - short bull
Tekoda is a friend to all
Tengekwunu - rainbow
Teregen - crane
Tehkeom - small clothes
Tehmelapachm - dull knife

Uzumeti - bear
Wauquini - hook nose
Wakeihuokomas - white antelope
Wombly - eagle
Wombliska - the white eagle
Wonicia the savior
Wanagiska - White Spirit
Wanakhton - energetic
Wapesha - red leaf
Wohehiv - a dull knife
Wahken - sacred
Wahchinksapa - wise
Wahchintonka - has a lot of practice
Wohanassatt - one with toes pointing outward

Khevitastamiutsto - whirlwind
Heveytaneo - hairy rope
Hezutu - wasp's nest
Helushka - wrestler
Heritt - generous
Heskovizeneko - porcupine bear
Himmoihayo - wise above
Hinto - blue
Hiemovi - High Chief
Hoaiovi - stepped down the stairs
Hawkey - abandoned
Holescua - dilda
Honihohkeiiochos - a highly-supported wolf
Honyeheka - small wolf
Honon is a bear
Honou is a bear
Honani - badger
Hota - white
Hototo - the spirit of a warrior who sings or he who whistles
Hotuehaeshtate - tall bull
Howie the wild pigeon
Houohken - from a mysterious voice
Haniya - Spirit Warrior
Hessong - stone
Hastiin is a human
Hehketomema - small clothes

Cheveio - the warrior of the spirit
Chovayohoya - young deer
Chogen - Blackbird
Chouilou - united by water
Chochmo - a mound of mud
Chochokpi - throne for the clouds
Chochushuvayo - a deer with a white tail
Chua - snake
Chuwayo - antelope
Chunta - deception
Chuchip - the spirit of the deer
Cheveytangekwunua - short rainbow
Chayton - falcon
Chengkuuoshtei is a good road
Chansomps - locust
Chatima is a guest
Cheshunka - wave
Chaekmongwi - screamer leader

Shiai - son
Shizhi - father
Shikoba - feather
Shila - brother
Shiriki - coyote wolf
Showmauetokoohketow - highly-supported wolf

Edithon - laid as a sacred object
Eluvilassite - Saint
Enkudebooau - one who lives alone
Enkudebeu - one who lives alone
Nepay - brave
Etlelooaet - screams
Echemin - canoeing man

Janisin - ashamed
Yas - snow
Yacht - blue

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