The most aggressive dog breeds

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When it comes to the most aggressive breed, pit bulls or Rottweilers come to mind. According to statistics, it is they who most often attack their owners.

And some of the other players in the rating give the impression of being homey and friendly. But the fact that some breeds behave more aggressively than others does not mean that they should be considered unambiguously dangerous and insidious. But people, having pets for themselves, although to know how dangerous it will be next to this animal.

In this case, the most important thing to remember is that any dog ​​needs a certain amount of communication, training and training. If the upbringing process goes smoothly, then any dog ​​will grow up cheerful and loving its owners.

Do not give in to stereotypes and consider large breeds more dangerous. The fact is that the appearance of some dogs is dangerous, they are almost real animals. But if they are really pissed off, they can do a lot of harm with their teeth.

Chihuahua hua. This breed looks pretty cute, but you shouldn't leave small children with such dogs for a long time. Chihua hua has a natural aggressiveness that pushes them to attack strangers. Dogs have a natural motivation to protect their owner from other people and animals.

Poodles. No one is surprised by the constant bites of this breed. Poodles attack both animals and people in self-defense. People often think that this is how dogs play when they really attack and can even cause injury. At the same time, poodles have pronounced hunting habits and a desire to delimit their territory by means of urine tags.

Dachshunds. These dogs also do not differ in endurance and poise. Dachshunds can be aggressive towards strangers and other animals. At the same time, even the owners themselves can suffer from attacks. With the same tenacity, the dachshund will pursue both a small ball and another animal. It is quite difficult to train and train representatives of this breed. You need to be careful with them, because they can bite an unfamiliar child. Children should not tease these dogs and play next to them.

American Pit Bull Terrier. The cruelty and aggression of this dog is legendary. Its powerful jaws can lead to terrible bites, and the victim can even die. It is Pit Bull Terriers that are especially appreciated in dog fights all over the world. This breed appeared as a result of crossing bulldogs and terriers. Few people know, but trained pit bulls often serve in the police, helping to counter illegal drug trafficking. Pit bulls are very aggressive in nature and are often used as watchdogs. Dogs of this breed must be trained and trained. You should also know that they need regular active walks. Without them, pit bulls will become bored, which can lead to a surge of aggression.

Rottweiler. This energetic and intelligent dog also has a bad reputation, he was even nicknamed "the butcher." In fact, Rottweilers have a well-developed instinct to protect their territory, so the breed is often used as a watchdog. If Rottweilers are not educated properly, constantly anger and punish them, then the dog will grow up unbalanced, dangerous and very aggressive. This is exactly how homeless Rottweilers behave. Although they are peaceful by nature, Rottweilers can be enraged by being brutalized or provoked. It is no coincidence that in some countries, such as Portugal, Ireland or Poland, the breed is officially considered dangerous.

German Shepherd. This smart and energetic breed is considered a classic among watchdogs. That is why shepherd dogs are valued for protection. However, the breed has its own, notoriety. Sheepdogs bite quite hard and behave aggressively in relatively small dogs. According to statistics, it is shepherd dogs that are most often noted in attacks on small breeds. Any external provocation becomes a reason for an acute reaction and nervous behavior. Sheepdogs are very active; if they are not properly trained, they will begin to strenuously defend their territory and family. Such behavior will inevitably be accompanied by outbursts of aggression.

Boxer. Even if this breed is not the most aggressive, one cannot fail to note its stubbornness. Boxers are very difficult to train. If there are deviations during breeding and training, then these dogs can become extremely angry, attacking and killing their other relatives. But if a person skillfully commands them, then boxers perfectly obey orders from their master. By their nature, these dogs are very active, their aggression is pronounced. Only good training will help, which will make boxers absolutely safe even in families with small children.

Husky. These dogs are commonly used in northern latitudes. Strong animals are harnessed to special harnesses to drag sledges through the snow. These dogs have blue eyes and beautiful thick hair. But it is not recommended to use them as guards or watchmen for Hasok, since their character is quite specific. Even if the animals are quite peaceful and balanced, cases of their bites are often observed in the northern countries.

Alaskan Malamute. This dog is one of the largest utilitarian breeds. The Malamute is also used as a powerful sled dog. The breed has northern roots. In general, malamutes are friendly, but if they are not given significant stress and active pastime, they become irritable and naughty. That is why the leisure of such a dog must be filled with activities, with the help of which it can realize the accumulated energy. The owners of Alaskan Malamutes with their pets are better off being careful, paying attention to training. It should be remembered that these dogs behave hostilely towards relatives of the same sex. Malamutes are also characterized by high survival rates in adverse environmental conditions. That is why people and animals should still be wary of such dogs.

Doberman Pinscher. The dog breed has German roots. If its representatives are properly fed and educated, then they will grow up quite friendly towards their owners. In general, Doberman Pinschers are quite common as a domestic breed. But attachment to one's master can take the form of aggression towards strangers. Several decades ago, this breed was even used by the police as service dogs. Natural aggression can be curbed and mitigated through training. Research has shown that Dobermans are quite intelligent animals. Their obstinacy and dominant aggression are caused by excessive self-indulgence and lack of control on the part of a person.

Chow Chow. And this breed has Chinese roots. In general, the Chow Chow is considered one of the oldest breeds. These animals have thick hair, which on the head looks like a lion's mane. It seems that dogs are quite calm and even indifferent to everything that happens. However, they are quite demanding in terms of attention to themselves. If the Chow Chow is not brought up, their character will become bad and even vicious. Representatives of this breed are quite smart and need a master who can control the dominant character of the dogs. For those people who are going to have a dog for the first time, Chow Chow will not be the best option.

Presso Canario or Canary Dog. Initially, the dog was considered a hunting dog. That is why there is an ineradicable, wayward spirit of domination in them. These large animals must be trained and taught to communicate with humans. The Canary Dog is an intelligent and responsive creature, but it also needs physical exercise for a full life. Press Canario when attacking his victim behave extremely cruelly. It is almost impossible to escape from her claws and teeth alive. And this Great Dane moves beautifully and elegantly, like a cat. But behind the gentleness of the movements lies great strength and courage in battle. And it will not stop the dog, even if its opponent is a man.

Dalmatian. These adorable animals are native to the Croatian region of Dalmatia. In ancient times, such colorful spotted dogs were used to escort carriages. Their sensitive nature constantly keeps the dogs ready to defend themselves. And this is an indicator of aggression, which should be noted easily hidden by training and education. These dogs need exercise and plenty of food. If she is not properly cared for, she will become angry and unsociable. There is quite a lot of evidence of Dalmatians throwing themselves at people and other animals. So it's worth knowing that sometimes Dalmatians can become uncomfortable pets.

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