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Meaning of the name

Albert translated from German means "noble brilliance".


A beautiful rare name with a calm and attractive energy, capable of providing its owner with a good welcome in almost any society. Albert is independent and calm, assuming self-confidence and a penchant for wit.

Needless to say, these qualities can hardly be called useless, and therefore it is very good if they receive their development in the process of education. At the same time, the rarity and unusualness of the name plays a significant role, which, on the one hand, further enhances the positive energy of the name, and on the other, allows Albert to stand out favorably against the background of the general environment.

However, one should not forget that the first sympathy of others is just an advance that has yet to be justified. In other words, Albert must somehow correspond to the positive energy of his name, otherwise, being deceived in expectations, society can abruptly change its disposition to dislike. However, such a turn of events is quite rare, especially since Albert usually easily copes with this with the help of his innate wit and poise.

In most cases, Albert is a cheerful person with a healthy self-esteem, and is not inclined to painfully experience his own shortcomings; he simply prefers to calmly go his own way and, although he listens to the opinions of others, does not attach too much importance to this.

It is unlikely that he can be suspected of being overly emotional, rather he has an analytical mindset, and his pragmatism and prudence are perfectly combined with a penchant for some romanticism and all kinds of adventures. He is like a player who loves healthy risk, knows how to stop in time and does not tend to get depressed when he has to wait too long for a good card.

In general, Albert's character is very favorable for both a successful career and personal life. The only thing that, perhaps, he should be afraid of is some sudden outbreak of passion. Having lost his head once, he risks making many mistakes. However, on the other hand, it is this passion that can sometimes give his life a unique sharpness and charm.

In infancy, a restless child, especially if born in December. The kid is lively, energetic. He grows up as a brave boy, is not afraid of large dogs, without hesitation comes up to them and strokes. Animals are drawn to him, feeling his strength and kindness. He has a good appetite, which misleads his parents, and they often overfeed him. It should be protected from diseases of pharyngitis and sore throat.

Adult Albert is a strong man, calm, self-possessed and reliable. Monogamous by nature, therefore has only one partner. He is in no hurry to marry, meets with his chosen one for a long time, but in the end he marries her. He enjoys success with women, it flatters him, but no more. Does not like obsessive ladies, avoids them.

He takes a calm, intelligent and kind woman as his wife and rarely makes mistakes in choosing a wife. It is very important for Albert to have a strong family, good relations with his wife and children.

Sex means a lot to him, and since he is monogamous, the spouse should be sexy enough, gentle, responsive. If harmony in sexual relations does not work out, this can cause the breakdown of the family: Albert does not know how to cheat, and if he has a relationship "on the side", then most likely he will divorce his wife.

"Summer" Albert pays great attention to peace of mind. It is important for him to feel the reliability of family relations, he does not tolerate conflicts, does not tolerate quarrels. He himself is a calm, gentle person, does not like to attract attention to himself, always tries to be in the shadows, as if ashamed of his strength. He is easy to communicate, but he never goes first to contact.

It is easy and reliable with him. He is not a fighter by nature, but he knows how to stand up for himself and those close to him. In the family, he does not at all strive for leadership, he gives all the initiative into the hands of his wife, completely trusts her. The wife decides all issues on her own, so he chooses a decisive, energetic and loyal woman as his wife.

"Winter" Albert has a strong character, a leader in the family, although his wife is in charge of everyone in the house, but he always has the last word.

"Spring" Albert is somewhat lazy and imposing. Household affairs are of little interest to him, but he himself is engaged in raising children. He introduces them to sports early, spends all weekends with them in nature or in the stadium.

"Autumn" Albert is a hard worker, he knows how to do everything with his own hands. He tries to have a land plot, loves to dig in the ground, loves to plant fruit bushes and roses. Roses are his weakness. A good owner, everything is always in his house. He knows how to provide for his family financially, he knows what to buy into the house on the way from work. He willingly takes care of children, and children love him very much.


Albert is an isolated person, does not like noisy companies, does not seek to surround himself with people. However, he is a cheerful, charming young man and loneliness is difficult for him.

Albert is quite picky about girls or women, not every of his acquaintances can enter into close relationships. Devotion, benevolence, cordiality, tenderness towards him serve as the criterion for evaluating a woman. He likes smiling and cheerful women, but not stupid. External data play an important role when choosing a partner. She must be attractive, have a good figure, beautiful legs and large breasts.

Albert is not inclined to have one sex partner, he likes to experiment, compare the sexuality of women, their manner of behavior in bed. Long relationships with the same woman tire him. Albert is a subtle esthete, he loves comfort and luxury.

He prefers to engage in sex in an apartment with a good environment, having previously provided everything necessary in order to get the most pleasure. Nice and calm music, expensive wine, various sweets and fruits. Sex begins with him long enough love games to maximize his partner.

Albert has a strong potency and, if a partner suits him sexually, he can have sex as long as both have enough strength. If the partner also stimulates him with her ingenuity, then the time of intimacy can drag on for a long time. Albert likes professional partners who prefer oral sex.

The external data of a partner is an integral part of quality sex. Any flaws in her figure can ruin everything. Albert is not aggressive during sex, but he can end the relationship if he doesn't like something, coming up with a plausible reason. Easily aroused, but just as easy to cool down.

A woman who wants to conquer Albert as a sexual partner should carefully watch his caresses. In a fit of passion, Albert caresses exactly those parts of his partner's body that he would like to be caressed to him. He loves multiple orgasms in a short time and, if he does not achieve this, after a while he returns to caress and gets his way.

Joint orgasm excites him even more. He perfectly knows the erogenous zones of the partner, as he is attentive to her, monitors her behavior, her condition during intercourse.

Albert rarely suffers a fiasco, he is always ready for sex, it is impossible to take him by surprise. He has good health, great sexual potential, strong stamina. With a woman who has approached him in sex, he can meet as often as his sense of proportion allows, so as not to give the woman hope for something more serious. Next to him, a woman feels confident, experiences incomparable pleasure.



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The sound of the name Albert gives the impression of something good, cheerful, bright.

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