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Agon - dawn
Agron - the name of the Albanian king
Ajim - dawn
Arben - from the name of the Arberesh tribe
Arjan - golden life
Ardi - possibly from the Albanian Ardian
Ardian - from the name of the tribe Ardiaei
Ardit is a golden day
Aryan - golden life
Arlind - Gold
Armend - golden opinion

Bardhil - the white star
Bashkim - union
Bezart - the golden oath
Bezim - faith
Bezin - an oath
Bekim - blessing
Berim - fountain, source
Besmir - honest intentions
Besnik - devoted, loyal
Behar - summer
Blerim - greenery, vegetation
Brahim is the father of many
Bujar - generous

Valmir - a good wave
Vjollka - viola
Vdjosa - Albanian name comes from the name of the river
Voldet - sea wave
Voldrin - the wave

Gazmend - joy
Gjergj - Farmer
Genti - from the Latin name for the flower "bitter"
Gdon - God is merciful

Dalmatian - ram
Dardanus - pear
Defrim - entertainment
Jak is a displacer
Jezim - Joy
Jetmir - a good life
Jeton - life
Jorgji - Farmer
Dietmer is a good day
Dritan - light
Driton - light
Dhimiter is a good day

Zamir is a good voice

Ilir - free
Illy is a star

Kendrim - attitude, attitude
Constandine - steady
Constandini - Albanian form of Constantine
Kostandin - a variant of the Albanian Constandini
Kreshnik - knight
Xhemale - the highest glory
Kushtim - dedication, devotion
Kushtrim - the battle cry

Leka - protector of humanity
Leothrim - brave
Leuthrim - brave
Lyridon - freedom of choice
Lorenc - Albanian form of Lawrence
Luan - lion
Lulezim - flowering

Merjim is a stranger
Mirlindt - born well

Nderim - honor, respect

Pjeter - rock, stone
Pellamb - pigeon
Perparim - promotion
Prek - contact

Rezar - golden ray
Resart - golden ray
Rilind - rebirth, reincarnation
Rinor - teenager, youth

Skender - protector of humanity

Tolant - from the Illyrian tribe name

Fatjon is our destiny, our well-being
Fatlind - lucky birth
Fatlum - successful
Fatmir is lucky
Faton is our destiny, our well-being
Fatos - courage
Fisnik - gallant, noble, generous
Fitim - profit, profit
Fitor is the winner
Flamer - flag

Shkodran - from Shkoder
Shpend - poultry
Shpetim - salvation

Egzon - pleasure
Edie is the guardian
Edon - loving (life)
Edward - guardian
Enver - shining
Engell - Angel
Endrite - light
Eryon is our wind
Erwin is a man of honor
Erjon is our wind
Ermir is a good wind


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