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Meaning of the name

Hebrew, literally it means "clay", "red man".


In the Russian sound, the name Adam is almost completely devoid of aggression - on the contrary, it inclines its owner to sociability and good nature. At the same time, the notorious idea of ​​involuntary sinfulness leaves a certain imprint on this communication.

Very often, behind the external gaiety of Adam, the pain of an easily injured person is guessed, perhaps even dissatisfaction with himself, especially if Adam has any physical disabilities. Here it will be useful not to forget that perfect people simply do not exist in the world and one must accept oneself as you are, trying at the same time to correct the situation by working on oneself.

In early childhood, those named by this name are painful, vulnerable. They do not look like either father or mother. They are very emotional, stubborn, persistent, they can lie. They have many friends. The nervous system is very unstable. Go in for sports: football, gymnastics.

Some Adams, born in winter, can become high-class athletes, thanks to their perseverance and even stubbornness, they achieve great results. In adulthood, the character changes, it becomes more calm.

They work as sports trainers, in agriculture - as agronomists, veterinarians; among them there are programmers and designers, cooks and artists, priests and writers.

They are good fathers of the family. A difficult relationship is established between Adam's wife and mother: they have a complete incompatibility. They love animals, nature, often go to rest in the forest. Jealous and stubborn, it is useless for wives to try to command them. They achieve a lot in life through patience.

Those born in winter are talented, they make artists and musicians. They don't like to talk a lot, they prefer to act, and this contributes to success in life.

Those born in the fall are very calculating, but compliant and do not rush to conclusions.

Adams are not careerists, they go to the goal the hard way. They always think over their words, do not cut from the shoulder. They do not like to go on business trips, they carefully choose a job.

They are lucky in marriage. Do not shun any homework. Because of their addicting nature, they do not marry for a long time.


From an early age, penetrating into the secret of his name, Adam begins to receive information about the most important area of ​​human relationships, namely about love and sex, and this usually determines the early puberty of a boy. The interest in women, awakened at a young age, draws Adam to girlish companies; he can become the main organizer of all kinds of semi-erotic games, such as a bottle, etc.

Growing up, many Adams enter into ill-conceived marriages, which often leads to setbacks in family life and divorce. In addition, the erotic energy that accumulates at a young age and does not find a way out can provoke scandals with parents, which, however, are rarely deep.

In sex, Adam loves lightness, liberation. He chooses a partner who is able to increase his emotional charge. During courtship, Adam openly expresses his feelings, confesses his love. He is not able to fall in love at first sight, he is very careful. In a woman, he likes beautiful breasts, good build.

He is not attracted to the role of a conqueror; he expects the first step in an intimate relationship from his partner. He has his own sexual approach to a woman, his own style in achieving complete harmony and compatibility with her. It happens that he does not have a permanent partner, and if he does, then they do not live together, they only meet.

For Adam, born in winter, sexual satisfaction depends on the duration of intercourse. He analyzes his feelings, trying to minimize doubts and hesitation: how attached is he to his partner? The main emphasis in relations with the chosen one Adam places on morality and honesty. He himself is very gentle and sensitive, passionate in love and looking for a partner that meets his requirements.

His long love foreplay is very individual, he uses many techniques and variations during an intimate act. He likes to reach orgasm at the same time with his beloved, and petting is an excellent addition to it (it contributes to the earliest climax).

Adam does not experience relaxation with every woman, but he always tries to help his partner. Sometimes one of the strong tides of arousal is taken for an orgasm, overcoming anorgasmia largely depends on the woman's persistence. During the growth of arousal, anticipating the pleasure of his partner, he reaches the highest surge of energy.

With a woman born in August, Adam has the best understanding in an intimate relationship. She is sexy enough, compliant, able to understand his desires, adjust to his habits, requirements. In sex, Adam prefers spicy forms of love, often bordering on perversions. In his opinion, there are no perversions in sex if everything happens by mutual consent and desire. A partner who accepts all the conditions of his game will remain his beloved woman for a long time.

Adam, who was born in spring, has an increased attraction to women, has many sex partners, often changes them, does not tolerate monotony. With an experienced woman, he can have sex all day long. Outwardly, such an Adam is very modest, and it is difficult to discern a hypersexual in him.

More than others, a woman born in January will suit him. They are both highly sexual, love experiments during intercourse, do not accept prohibitions and restrictions. Mutual understanding with such a woman is established immediately at the highest level.

"Summer" Adam is a very hot-tempered person, unyielding, which also affects intimate relationships. He does not recognize the leadership of a woman, demands her complete submission. He often changes sex partners until he meets one who is able to put up with his demands.

At first, Adam prefers to have oral sex, which for him is an integral part of love games, only then he switches to the traditional way of sexual intercourse. He likes to change poses, make some innovations every time, experiment. For his full satisfaction, the sexuality of the partner is of great importance.

Born in the fall, he has difficulties in marriage, has a complex character, is jealous, stubborn, does not like to talk to his wife, does not always respond to requests for help.

Children of Adam are born of different sexes.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Adam gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, kind, majestic, courageous, loud, brave, powerful, big, bright, joyful.

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