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Meaning of the name

The name of the Hebrew high priest, translated from Hebrew, means "the ark of the covenant."


Aron is a very lively and sociable boy. He always has many friends and girlfriends. Adult Aaron is also surrounded by friends who more than once help him out in critical situations, and there are plenty of them in Aaron's life. Aaron loves being in the spotlight.

In principle, he rarely makes mistakes in assessing people, and if he doubts his partner, he will always find a way to check him. But if flattery is used, it is as if some kind of eclipse finds him.

However, no one succeeds in deceiving Aaron for a long time. This is a businesslike, sober-minded person, before making a decision, he thinks over everything to the smallest detail. Arons, born in the summer, even go too far in this regard: their long hesitation leads to the fact that a profitable business can float out from under the nose.

Aaron is unusually active, it seems that some kind of motor is running inside him. Having completed the work he has begun, he immediately wilts, becomes boring, until he takes up a new business. He is far from altruistic motives.

Everything he does, he does first of all for the sake of the well-being of his family, which he usually adores. But Aaron is not a callous person, he is familiar with both pity and compassion: he will sacrifice an old woman who has found herself without a livelihood, he will not turn away from a comrade in trouble. Aron has a broad outlook, he is very well-read, most of all he is attracted by books on historical subjects.


Aaron's sexual need is largely determined by his relationship to his partner. For him, her reciprocal trust and emotional attachment are also very important. Aaron appreciates the beauty of his girlfriend, at the moment of intimacy tells her about this, enveloping intimate relationships with a veil of romance.

Aaron's love for a woman evokes a natural response, but at the moment of intimacy, he often disappoints his partner, because he loves not so much her as himself in this love, and he does not always manage to realize his sexual talent.

For him, this problem is not insurmountable, Aaron has a certain simplicity of feelings, he is able to look at things soberly and not panic. He is able to cope with any psychological obstacle. Aaron strives for a mutual orgasm, for him it is a way to assert himself in sex and achieve relaxation.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Leo, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Aaron gives the impression of something courageous, strong, beautiful.

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